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  1. Linear equation

    Give me answer this question
  2. math

    the cost of 2 televisions and 3 dvd players cost 1421 dollars the cost of 1 dvd player is half the cost of of 1 television what is the cost of 1 television. How you could slove in simple math
  3. math

  4. Physics

    You need to add one as there is one extra ridge compared to the number of spacings between ridges
  5. physics

    80x10-750 =80a 50=80a acceleration a =5/8 V ssquared = u squared + 2as = 2x 5/8 x 20 = 25 V= m/s
  6. physics

    an 80 kg boy holding on to a helium balloon jumps off of a 20m tall building and floats to the ground. If the boant force of the balloon is 750 N upward, what is the boy's acceleration and final velocity just before he touches the ground?
  7. Chemistery

    If you have 1.8 moles of magnesium and 3.2 moles of chlorine, what is the product of the reaction. what is the limiting regent? what is the Theoretical yield in grams and moles? show work?
  8. physics

  9. Help? PHYSICS

    GPE =mgh 240 =5x10xheight height =240/50 height =4.8m Sin 25 =4.8/hypotenuse since hypotenuse is the length of the ramp it can be found from above.
  10. math problem

    There are 30 stundent in the class.Four fifths of them have brown eyes.How many student have brown eyes