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There are two points: (8,45000) and (11,84000) a, the rate of change is (84000-45000)/(11-8) = 28000/3 b, use the slope 28000/3 and a point, you can plug into the formulas c, once you have the equation, plug in 16 then you will get the answer

calculus (limits)
Graph the function and you will see it

math problem
Let's say we want to eliminate 's' So multiply 5 to the first equation and multiply 3 to the second equation we get: 25r - 15s = 80 9r + 15s = 90 use the elimination method by adding those two equation -15s and 15s cancels out we get: 34r = 170 Then r = 5

1) set the two equations equal to each other: 3x-1 = x^2-5x+6 Combine like terms: x^2-8x+7 = 0 Factor: (x-1)(x-7)=0 x = 1, 7

Calculus 12
what are you solving for? What is the question?

f'(x) = [ln(6)][6^x^2][2x] follow the rules and do f''(x)

3x-2 = 2x+5+1 x = 8