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The R.F of a map is 1/25000.Find the actual distance,in km,between two villages if the distance apart on the map is....

the lenght of a rectangle field is twice of its breadth.if the perimeter of field is 27 metre,find its lenght and breadth


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X=16 x=48

A 4 kg object is attached to a vertical rod by two strings, as in the figure. The object rotates in a horizontal circle at constant speed 6 m/s. Find the tension in (a) the upper string and (b) the lower string.

An object attached to the end of a string swings in a vertical circle (R = 1.2 m), as shown. At an instant when ƒá = 30„a, the speed of the object is 5.1 m/s and the tension in the string has a magnitude of 20 N. What is the mass of the object?

A roller-coaster car has a mass of 500 kg when fully loaded with passengers. The car passes over a hill of radius 15 m, as shown. At the top of the hill, the car has a speed of 8 m/s. What is the force of the track on the car at the top of the hill?

An airplane travels 80 m/s as it makes a horizontal circular turn which has a 0.8 km radius. What is the magnitude of the resultant force on the 75 kg pilot of this airplane?

please help me with this question 1. The Warren Commission declared that the Kennedy assassination a. was the act of a single man b. was part of a larger conspiracy c. resulted from poor security d. could have been avoided thanks!

im still stuck on this quetion...i don't get it?

i'm stuck on my history homeowork, can someone please help me with some of my questions how did the pattern of European immigration shift in 1890? the answer choices are: a. from Jewish to Catholic Europeans b. from northern to southern and eastern Europeans c. from ...