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An crate weighing 510 N is resting on a plane inclined 30° above the horizontal. (a) Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration (ignore friction). m/s2 (b) After 3.00 s, how fast will the crate be moving?

Hello, you should review the materials collected at the orientation. Unless you tell us briefly what you learnt at the orientation, we can not guide you in the right direction as to what ideas you need to express.

Hi Mary, It is not clear what parts of the equation are under the radical sign, but I will guess from the type of problems I have seen. [] sqrt sign [y + 5] -1=2: Isolate the variable to one side by moving over numbers. [y + 5] = 3. Solve for y by removing the square root sign...

Hello, there is no question listed above. Please repost.

This is a logic problem. I will write out the steps below. Ja= Jack Ji= Jill Jill gives 50 to Jack, so she has 50 less and he has 50 more. And, this quantity of 50 more is equal to 5 times Jill's amount. So, now Jill has Ji-50 and Jack has Ja + 50 So, now just think how to...

In Grade 8, the teacher probably expects you to research median, mode, mean, or range and apply this to the data you have presented. Show how it relates to your data and explain its significance. Hope this helps!

Hello, you can not add vectors by just looking at the numbers. Vectors have magnitude and direction. So, you can only add North and South together, and you can also add East and West vectors together. So, think about vectors on an x-y plane. X is positive in Quadrants 1 and 4...

I think that you have given the distance between the two planks to be 2 feet, but I am not quite sure on this one. I think the technique would be to determine the surface area of that disc that would come in contact with the plank upon reaching the floor. I am quite intrigued ...

Pre-calculus--EDIT TO POST ABOVE
Oh. I realized that you must also pay attention to signs, which I failed to do. In the fourth Quadrant, sin is negative, while cos is positive. So, your new solution will be: So Sin(X + Y)= Sinx Cos y + Cosx Sin y So, Sin x= sin 36.9=-0.60 Cos y= 12/13=0.92 Cos x= 4/5=0.80 Sin...

So, since you know Cos x= 0.8, plug in to the calculator Cos inv of 0.8. Do the same for Cos Y= 12/13. X=36.9 degrees Y=22.6 degrees I think that where you are in precalculus, you have to know these trig identities. You MUST memorize them as they are the basis of good ...

physics (Right Hand Rule Question)
So, take your right hand and point in the direction of the proton. So, point your thumb to the right. Now when you do that, look at your other fingers--specifically the way they curl. Your fingers should curl towards you. And since your thumb represents east, and you know the ...

You know that a pentagon has 5 sides and 5 angles. So, if you already have one angle you only have to solve for four more, which happen to be equal. So, first determine the total degrees sum of the interior angles in a pentagon by using the formula: 180(n-2) where n is the ...

Now, calculate this for each of the years. First, convert the percent to a decimal: 5.3%=.053 3.4%=.034 So, multiply 160,000 by .053 and then add that result to 160,000. Do this four times. Now, take this end value, and multiply it by .034 and subtract this result from the end...

Hello, find the slope first using the Slope Formula: Y2-Y1/X2-X1 X1=-6 Y1=19 X2=-15 Y2=28 28-19/-15-(-6) 9/-15+6 9/-9 -1 The slope is -1, now use point slope form to determine the equation of the line. Y2-Y1= M(X2-X1) M= Slope X and Y are coordinates above Y-19= -1(X-(-6) Y-19...

Hello, This is quite vague. You should ask someone who has a degree in cultural studies who may know this.

Hello, at STP a standard gas has 22.4 L volume and 1 atm pressure. The atomic mass of one mole of O2 gas would be 32 g. And this is 16 g of 02 which would mean that there is 16g/32g = 0.5 mol O2 gas. So, if 1 mol of any standard gas at STP is 22.4 L then 0.5 mol would be 11.2 ...

Now (1,8) is a coordinate pair. 1=x value and 8=y value. So, plug these in to your equation: y=5x + 3 Is this true? 8= 5(1) + 3 8= 5 + 3 8= 8 Yes! It is true! The order pair does make the equation true! Hope this helps!

biology anyone..
Hello, There should be some information in your textbook to help you solve this. Are there any formulas at all in your book? This question is quite vague.

introductory physics concept
But I still do not understand how the bulbs will light up if the charge is being stored on one side only ,and the bulb is closer to the other plate on the other side of the capacitor?

introductory physics concept
Can someone also tell me if this amount of voltage varies from one circuit to another? If so, how would you know? Is this an explanation for the bulb not lighting up in a simple circuit where the capacitor is after the switch (which is also right after the battery), but before...

introductory physics concept
I know that a capacitor does not allow charge to flow through it because its two conducting plates are separated by a dielectric (insulating material) but then how does a current flow through a circuit? Is it because at a certain DC voltage (almost like a breaking point), the ...

No problem!

Hello, there is no figure but I shall try my best to figure it out. I think this is probably a triangle. B | C | / | / A AB= 8 AC=9 BC=3 A is 9 km SW of C and B is 3 km NW of C. I hope this helps.

4x-y=3 4x+y=1 This is called solving systems by elimination. Google it and you should receive helpful websites on this. Whenever you solve these systems, you add the top equation to the bottom equation and try to cancel one variable and be left with one variable and one number...

3rd grade math
So, first determine how far the first few numbers are apart to figure out a pattern. Zero to 1/3 is 1/3 and 1/3 to 2/3 is also 1/3. 2/3 to 1 is also an addition of 1/3. So, it seems like you have established a pattern of adding 1/3 to every preceding term (number). Now, add 1/...

Hello! You have the correct formula: F= mgsin theta Now plug in those values! m=66 kg g= 9.8 m/s^2 theta (angle)= 30 degrees Normal Force= 66 * 9.8 * 0.5 Normal Force= 33 * 9.8 Normal Force= 323.4 Newtons Then, use F=coefficient of friction * Normal Force F= 0.35 * 323.4 F=113...

Hello, think about this question logically. Is this sentence one long sentence or could you break it up into two sentences? Does it sound correct if you say it without interrupting it with any form of punctuation? A comma is used to list a series, while a semicolon is used ...

Hello, I think that this should help.

yoyoma here just wondering if someone can help me out with this essay... what grade do u think it deserves? constructive criticism welcomed thanks everyone :)

A football player runs the pattern given in the drawing by the three displacement vectors A, B, and C. The magnitudes of these vectors are A = 5 m, B = 13.0 m, and C = 16.0 m. Using the component method, find the magnitude and direction è of the resultant vector A + B...

A jogger travels a route that has two parts. The first is a displacement A of magnitude 2.70 km due south, and the second involves a displacement B that points due east. What is the direction of A + B relative to due south? ° What would be the direction of A - B relative ...

A golfer, putting on a green, requires three strokes to "hole the ball." During the first putt, the ball rolls 5.8 m due east. For the second putt, the ball travels 2.3 m at an angle 20° north of east. The third putt is 0.50 m due north. What displacement (...

On a safari, a team of naturalists sets out toward a research station located 6.3 km away in a direction 42° north of east. After traveling in a straight line for 2.2 km, they stop and discover that they have been traveling 23° north of east, because their guide ...

A runner accelerates to a velocity of 5.28 m/s due west in 3 s. His average acceleration is 0.635 m/s2, also directed due west. What was his velocity when he began accelerating?

The left ventricle of the heart accelerates blood from rest to a velocity of +27 cm/s. (a) If the displacement of the blood during the acceleration is +2.3 cm, determine its acceleration (in cm/s2). (b) How much time does it take for the blood to reach its final velocity?

A drag racer, starting from rest, speeds up for 402 m with an acceleration of +24.0 m/s2. A parachute then opens, slowing the car down with an acceleration of -6.10 m/s2. How fast is the racer moving 2.55 102 m after the parachute opens?

A jetliner, traveling northward, is landing with a speed of 72 m/s. Once the jet touches down, it has 730 m of runway in which to reduce its speed to 5.9 m/s. Compute the average acceleration (magnitude and direction) of the plane during landing (take the positive direction to...