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which is not benefit

Which of the following is not true of a scientific theory? A. being able to make personal decisions about science related issues. B.being able to evaluate scientific information. C.being able to rely on opinions about science related issues. D.being able to take part in ...

i think it left at 3, right at 7

instructing a box and wister plot for the data set below, at which values would u draw the left and right sides of the box? A. LEFT AT 3, RIGHT AT 8 B. LEFT AT 2, RIGHT AT 8 C. LEFT AT 2, RIGHT AT 7 D.LEFT AT 3 RIGHT AT 7

health physical education
A. Risk factors B. Behavior C. Heredity D. environment influences which one?

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find the mean of the data set: 9 4 7 3 10 9

what is it

one of your good friends regular eats a large plate of french fries with lunch. you encourage your friend to eat salad loaded with colorful vegetables instead. which health skill are you using?

world history
The answer is A, its ranking bu the Hundred Schools of Thought.

Calculus Ladder Problem
5\9 divd 1\3