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intermediate algebra
A certain bacteria doubles every day. If there were 400 in the original culture, how many would be present after 3 days?

find 2 numbers whose arithmetic mean exceeds their geometric mean by 2 .and whose harmonic mean is 1/5 of the larger number.....

5.6542e-4 J/cm2

At 9am, ship B was 65 miles due east of another ship, A. Ship B was then sailing due west at 10 miles per hour, and A was sailing due south at 15 miles per hour. If they continue their respective courses, when will they be nearest one another?

would it just be those two numbers multiplied together?

250N? dkm dk...

science [planets/stars]
Hey.. Well, first things first.. I'm given an assignment from my Earth Science class. Right now we're doing a unit about planets and Earth and sun. My teacher told us to write a [maximum] 2 page essay, which is also supposed to be descriptive. In the essay, we have to ...

english - research paper
heyy.. i'm writing a research paper on Dr. Seuss. i've posted some questions before on how to write a research paper and stuff. now i just need to know some good, usable sites that will have his biography. also, some sites on subject "what was Dr. Seuss's ...

english - language arts
Thanks a lot - for both of you! :)

english - language arts [typo]
it'll get easier to continue*

english - language arts
Hey guys! I need a help on my english assignment. Well, I'm writing a research paper on Dr. Seuss and his life and books. But before we turn in the essay, we have to do an oral report, for about 2-3 minutes, in front of the class. It's like putting your written report ...

math - question
Yep, it's 12 different outfits.

What were Martin Luther's personal qualities? Please help!

Also, one more question.. Can you explain at least one mechanism by which fossils are formed?? Thanks a lot! =)

Can you please describe three methods of determinig relative and absolute ages of a rock?? It's urgent! Thanks!

i get the "how many square feet of tiling is needed?" part. but each tile is given in inches and area is in feet. i don't get how to convert it to inches. please explain again... How many square feet of tiling is needed? 4040sq ft. How many tiles should be ...