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Q varies inversely as z,if q =7,when z=15.find z when q=49

Please help. I've made the variable for in_vector, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the vector to return a row vector of num_or_digits of length 10. Write a script that takes a vector of single-digit integers and counts the occurrences of each digit, from...

Compare and contrast the traits and growth patterns of opportunistic versus equilibrium populations.

How far from a converging lens with a focal length of 15 cm should an object be placed to produce a real image which is half the size of the object? How do you solve this? Thanks!

Two identical capacitors are hooked in series to a 16.6 V emf. If the charge stored on any one of the capacitors is 0.88 micro-Coulombs after the capacitors are fully charged, what is the capacitance of either one of the capacitors?

1st I took 1.126e9 and multiplied it by 1.67262158e-27 kg to get your mass of 1.8833719e-18 kg. Then I did my dimensional analysis and had ((6.626e-34 J*s)*1s*100cm)/((1.8833719e-18 kg)(3.35e4 cm)*1m) and I got an answer of 1.05e-18 m using 3 sig figs. :)

English... Cry, The beloved country
What is the underlying message of all of Arthur Jarvis’s writing? How does reading his son’s writing affect the behavior of James Jarvis? Write at least five sentences.

8.8 ...... this is 100% the answer

A forest fire is burning down a narrow valley 3 miles wide at a speed of 40 feet per minute. The fire can be contained by cutting a firebreak through the forest across the valley. It takes 30 seconds for one person to clear one foot of the firebreak. The value of lost timber ...

a crate weighing 3500 newton down an inclined plane at constant speed. The plane is 7.5 meter long. Its height is 3.0 meter. What is the coefficient of sliding friction between the crate and the inclined plane?

what is the purpose of agriculturist??

substitution method
It does not really matter so long as what used to read as having two variable letters gets knocked down to one variable letter. You can either describe x in terms of y or y in terms of x. Plug and chug, then solve with algebraic maneuvers.

watch out for accents like é and á. I would use something with the verb tener, as in to have possession of allergies.

Could you use behind in a sentence please so that I have some intended context? What part of speech would help out. . . It is sometimes difficult to mean what you say and say what you mean.

This is all gibberish to me

As the heading indicates, I do indeed have two questions. Is there a way to find out more about the Roman Catholic Church's positions concerning issues along the continuum of sex/gender/sexuality/sexual orientation? Could somebody point me in the correct direction as to ...

geography re gurublue and writeacher
thanks so much for your help . i was a bit stuck with the question because i didn`t understand it. i thought it was the easiest out of the questions i had to answer but it wasn`t . thanks again!

Deforestation is the process whereby ( write a definition ) all i can find is the process where trees are cut down. is this right?