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Physical Chemistry
A 1.00M sucrose solution freezes at -1.8 degree Celsius. What is the freezing point of 1.00M glucose solution?

What is the empirical formula of benzene, C6H6? I know how to find empirical formula; as long as you know the moles, you can find the ratio and thus the empirical formula. But the question provides nothing and I can only find the Mr? The answer from the answer booklet is CH. ...

Accounting, Maths Lit, Economics,Business Studies
What career am i suitable for?

imagism nd 2 all of them.

MLA , but I know how to properly cite. I just was wondering if history can be parenthetically teferred/quoted? Like no one wrote history, so is it even possible to quote from anything? Writeacher can you help me with my content as well? Like the post before I asked about ...

Yes. Does it make sense? I don't know how to word tt properly

Works needed for assignment: "Students" by Tom Wayman and "Crow Lake" by Mary Lawson. I am trying to properly state my thesis but cant word it properly. "Both pieces originate from the same lack of motivation that leads to conflict, but the views and ...

Vera's clock runs fast so that the clock's hands move ahead an extra 10 minutes every hour. If she sets the clock correctly at 12:00 noon on one day, what time will the clock show the next day at 12:00 noon?(1 day =24 hours) Do I set up an equation for this, or use ...

Wait, why did you use Pythagoreon theorom for a circle above in your explanation? I don't understand why you do that.

1. In the xy-plane, a circle has its center at the point with coordinates (4,3), and the origin lies on the circle. The point with which of the following coordinates also lies on the circle? A. (-4,-3) B. (3,4) C. (6,8) D. (7,7) E. (9,8) How do you do this?

The diagram: it is a large triangle labelled ACD(AC a line horizontal, then AD and CD joining at the tip going down-so the triangle is "upside down" with the base up) with a line drawn that connects point E, which intersects segment CD at the middle(a median), with ...

A pilot surveys a flat circular area represented by 4pi square inches on a map. If 1 inch on the map represents 60 miles, how many square miles does the pilot survey?

So the topic is like technology?

math:order of operation
I need help

Chances are I'll be carded at JJ's, because Kera, Sherry, and Bobby were all carded there, and they all look as though they're about 30. What is the premises and conclusion

chemistry(ppm parts per million)
How would i calculate 2.34 mg x 10^6 divided by 3.50 kg

explaination of the scientific interpretation of fossils found in the cradle of humankind


What is my main idea though? I am really stuck on that. I know I am supposed to prove that 'wealth' is the theme, but how do I put an opinion with that? Does my supposed thesis (what I wrote above) work as a thesis statement? "As exemplified throughout Shakespeare...

I read Shakespeare's sonnet 29, and I must write a 5 paragraph essay on the theme. I need a few guidance tips and ideas on what to write. Thanks in advance! So, There are multiple themes in this poem but I chose the theme(my main discussion) 'wealth',and I hope to ...

Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only not women

economics,consumer studies,geography,maths litaracy
wha are kinds of jobs i can do on this subjects


Bill can paint either two walls or one window frame in one hour. In the same time, Frank can paint either three walls or two window frames. To minimize the time spent painting, who should specialize in painting walls, and who should specialize in painting window frames?

no, i guess i needed the past tense so rose would work.... right ?

but raised is past tense and i don't want that, i want present tense as in rose


ok thanks, rose is also a flower and i thought that there was a different spelling. but thank :)

My sentence is : The women rose their voice. is rose ok or is that the wrong spelling. pleese help and thank you.

oh it also said worth x10 but i don't know what that means?

Sarsh is currently at 83.7% in math. She has just finished a worksheet that is out of 30. She got 30/30 which is full marks. What percent is she at now in math? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!

Math :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Sarsh is currently at 83.7% in math. She has just finished a worksheet that is out of 30. She got 30/30 which is full marks. What percent is she at now in math?

I had posted these questions before but no one helped me so ill repeat the questions: Please Help Me :) 1. would karyotypes from the same family look similar? Explain. 2. Provide one reason as to why it would be useful to compare karyotypes of family

Science URGENT!
*really and there is no #3 ...sorry

Science URGENT!
I relly need help on these questions please help me :) 1. would karyotypes from the same family look similar? Explain. 2. Provide one reason as to why it would be useful to compare karyotypes of family members. 3.

thank you so much :)

1 divided by 8 = 0.125 0.125 divided by 0.87 = 6.96 k so the answer is 6.96 m ps: are u sure:)

I am not trying to fin out x. Its the multiplication sign: 0.87 multiplied by 7. how did you get 0.125 in the question?

the roots of a tree are 1/8 of the tree. they are 0.87 m. how tall is the tree? my answer: 0.87 x 7 = 6.09 m please check if my answer is right thanks :)

business law
Appraise the following separate and independent situations. Question 1 (a) ​Phing, the 17-year-old daughter of a wealthy businessman is currently studying at a University College at Kelana Jaya. (i) Last January she bought a luxury car, Audi R8, worth RM 900, 000. The ...

read the clues to find each number. it is a 7 digit number. it has a 0. the greatest digit is in the hundered thousands place. the value of the digit 1is i,000,000. the digit 6 stands for 6,000. the value of the digit 5 is 5 ones. the digit 8 has a value greater than 700 but ...

Life orientation
Teenage pregnancy in south africa

How many grams of c6h12o6 are needed to form 7.50g of c2h5oh

the question i need help with is: Classify the random variable as finite discrete, infinite discrete or continuous. The random variable given is the number of hours a child watches television on a given day.

Life orientation
Teenage pregnancy

How gravitational acceleration (g) is used to benefit mankind and the environment. How can rural people also benefit from the use of gravitational acceleration?

social studies for kindergarten
What makes a family? Why a family is important? Identifying ways in which families are unique.

math 7th
they will each get

an ultrasonic beam reflects off a tumor in an organ at Θ = 44 degrees with a shift L = 3 cm. If the speed of the wave is 29 % less in the organ than in the medium above, determine the depth of the tumor below the organ's surface.

use the thin lens formula: 1/f=(1/p) + (1/q) To find f: 1/f = 0.55dpt p is 0.25m. then find q, which is the near point.

Evolutionary theories often emphasize that humans have adapted to their physical environment. One such theory hypothesizes that people should spontaneously follow a 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking—even if they are not exposed to the usual pattern of sunlight. To test...

after the green knight addeses kng Arthur and his knighs' king Arthur says, "by heaven, sir, what is the green kinight'a request

Econ - Consumer behavior

Econ - Consumer behavior
I do but it is a long question. Workers may be given a package of benefits that include basic and option items. Basic might be medical coverage, life insurance equal to a year's salary, vacation time based on legth of service and some retiement pay. But employees can use ...

Econ - Consumer behavior
Can someone help me understand the theory of consumer behavior?

A prom dress with a regular price of $395 is on sale for $280. Find the discount rate; round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

A suit coat that is marked down 35% has a sale price of $292.50. Use the sale price formula to find the regular price of the suit coat. Round to the nearest cent.

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