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7th grade pre algebra
Thank you! I had figured it out four ways the wrong way. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Think it may have to do with the MiDAS rule or something but cannot figure it out.

7th grade pre algebra
We need assistance solving 3 + 2(k+1) = 6 + 3k I know the 2(k+1) has to become 2k + 2 then we have 3 + 2k + 2 = 6 + 3k then we can subtract 3k from both sides to get 3 +2k + 2 - 3K = 6 But can I combine the 3+2 on the left and the 2k - 3k to get -1k? leaving us with 5 -1k = 6...

social studies
In this government. pme group is in charge of the money and economics of the country. They also have all the power. What type of government is this?

That escalated quickly

kourtney is completly correct just took test 100%

7th grade
Which changes temperature more rapidly, land or water


the puritans missionary efforts to convert indians to christians were

algebra 2
Let section B has x seat , section C has y seat. section A has (x+y)seat (x+y)+x+y =49000 x+y = 24500 equation1 25(x+y)+20x +15y = 1052000 equation2 9x+8y= 210400 equation2 solving eqn.1 & eqn. 2 by substitution method you will get x=14400 y=10100 section A =24500 section B =...

Form new substance (new structure) Liberate energy Form new molecules Change bonding

Note to William
Anyway to help students is my nature.

Refrigeration AC It is responsible for hole in ozone layer. It react with ozone. Ozone layer protect us from uv rays coming from sun.

1 is odd number.

There is two points given (-5,4)&(2,-5) find slope, m = (-5-4)/(2--5) =-9/7 y=mx +b 4=(-9/7)(-5) +b b=-17/7 y=(-9/7)x +(-17/7) 7y =-9x -17 9x+7y+17=0 William Karpatri on facebook

a) 10^12 (kg/N) b) 10^9 (N/kg*s)

A) 10^3 (N/s^2) B) 10^6 (N/s)

1) 3 x 10^4 (N^2) 2)2.4 x 10^11 (mN^2) 3)5 x 10^-2 (N^3/kg)

a)1.57 x 10^5 m b)5.63 x 10^-9 kg

3a/7 + 7a/3 9a/21 + 49a/21 58a/21

An old post

What is <10x10> divided by 200 =___

<a> is right

social studies ABC california book
we need the j to z of california ABC book please help us

He should put the money in the bank.So that he doesnot hafe to make aloan later.


There are two methods used for cutting DNA into small pieces – this is via ultrasound and restriction enzymes. Which method is considered better and why?

There are many drugs that aid our lives on a daily basis that are made/mass produced due to the assistance of bacteria. Can you give a few examples of such drugs and perhaps tell the class a little about the process?

Social Studies
My homework paper lels me that I need to know. what did thomas edison invent.

Social Studies

I got the quartic by moving the sin to the right, squaring both sides, then multiplying everything by sin^2 and then changing the cos to sin. My friend gave me this question, and he got it from his virtual school for gr 12 advanced functions lol.

solve for x 6tanx - 4sinx = 1 i tried it but got a quartic formula :S 16sin^4x + 8sin^3x + 37sin^2x - 36 = 0

new testement

Really? How would the mechanism look like?

Is it possible for this equation 2C + D = E + F to have a rate law of rate = k [C]^2[D]^3

last riddle that i couldn't solve ... LLL 5-1 also found in scotland, name the AC one

more riddles help me im lost please .... duo, magnificent,unicycle,god,and a couple freezing, discover the missing object

another riddle an elephant in a day , but most worrying is 349, seek out the name

im lost on this site ,i do not see a search area to type in my riddle ,or do i have to read through all the riddles to find mine listed .thanks for your help

more riddles said to be solid as a rock, a joy to hold and can help you see for miles

i have a list of riddles i need solved pls me ... 1183,7, 50, 256 seek out the one who say, the pleasure gets better at 37 , discovered in a restaurant , name his play

What are some applications of Nuclear Chemistry in Medicine? So far I've found - X-rays - Radioactive tracers - Gamma radiation can be used to treat cancer and other diseases

What are the advantages of a gas as a coolant? (instead of heavy/normal water) (in a fission reactor)

say A -> B + 5kJ would reactants have more enthalpy or products have more enthalpy? I think first, the delta H would be negative. So H final must be less than H initial. So reactants have more enthalpy?

Is there a salt bridge in a fuel cell? I think there isn't one because hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions are in the water, so they can move around freely already.

They all have values around there, so I'm sure the proportionality is something like that. But I'm supposed to graph it to show this proportionality and I'm not sure what goes on the axis. Is the y-axis f and x-axis 1/length^0.5 or is the y-axis 1/f^2 and x-axis ...

Using the data below, suggest a proportionality statement. Length (cm) Frequency (Hz) 100 0.46 80 0.52 60 0.62 40 0.74 20 1.01 I think it's f ¡Ø 1/¡Ìlength (one over square root of length) or is it l ¡Ø 1/f^2 By the way, the length is...

Write the oxidation and reduction half-reactions of a corroding galvanized nail exposed to rain. The question says "galvanized" so its zinc. Zn(s) -> Zn2+(aq) + 2e- potential: +0.76V rain is slightly acidic, so i thought it would be O2(g) + 4H+ + 4e- -> 2H2O ...

essay help
I don't see my parents, only on their day offs or the weekends.

essay help
i got to write an essay about my history. Like, origin/culture, heritage etc...But I don't know that much about my origin/culture, heritage, so anyone want to help me?

I need help solving this question. "Two charges are 10 meters apart. The charge on the positive particle is 1.0 C and the negative charge is 10 Coulombs. Calculate the magnitude of the electrostatic force of attraction between these two charges."

I need help studying for my term. I need to know how to identify stuff on a staff or musical notation. Like clefs, notes, signatures, etc... How should I remember these? Are there any online resources? I also need to define terms. How do I remember these terms for the finals?

Which point is a solution of the system? Y=x-9 X+2y=3

where does the "3" go then? 3x^2+3 = 3 x(x^2 + 1) = "3"(x+i)(x-i) because the answer is: (x-1)(3x-1)(x+i)(x-i)

how do you factor the polynomial 3x^4-4x^3+4x^2-4x+1? i got (x-1)(3x-1)(3x^2+3) but the answer is (x-1)(3x-1)(x+i)(x-i)

Find the equation of a line throught the points P (-1, 6) and S (4, 2)

pigskin geography
look under pigskin geography 2008.

Physics repost

Physics please check
How much force is needed to accelerate a 50-kg rider and her 250-kg motorcycle at 5 m/s2?

How to graph a system of linear inequalities. How to figure out the points. y<-5x-7 y>2x+7 Plot the line y=-5x -7 I assume you know how to do that. Now, since y is less than that line (look at the original equation), the area of allowability is BELOW that line. Now plot ...

The largest digestive organ in the earthworm is the gizzard. The intestine is made up of serveral organs such as the crop and the gizzard. But the biggest is the gizzard. Or so my biology teacher says.

US history
why did socialism appeal to some americans in the late 1800s?

Chemical Formulas and Reactions
Ca(OH)2 + H2SO4

acids and bses
how is an acid made? good question? they are made from lemon juice and sour things There must be thousands of acids and bases. And are you talking about making an acid in the lab or making it commercially. For example, HNO3, nitric acid, may be made in the lab by reacting a ...

Diagram these sentances: 1Maggie woke me up with her silly crying. 2Darby cried, too. 3I awoke quickly. 4What was the matter? 5The hungery dogs barked and ran into the kitchen. Here are two wonderful websites that will help you with diagramming:

49Nx(6.9)^2= 2.3x10^3

anything wrong with these questions? like grammar? 1. ¿Quién encontró la ciudad de Salamanca? 2. ¿Quién empezó la revolución en Francia? 3. ¿Por qué es Salamanca popular con turistas? 4. ¿Quién son ...

Gold is alloyed with other metals to increase its hardness in making jewelry. Consider a piece of gold jewelry that weighs 9.85 g and has a colume of 0.675 cm cubed. The jewelry contains only gold and silver, which have densities of 19.3 g/cm cubed and 10.5 g/cm cubed, ...

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