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A person’s blood alcohol (C2H5OH) level can be determined by titrating a sample of blood plasma with a potassium dichromate solution. The balance is 16H+ (aq) + 2Cr2O72- (aq) + C2H5OH (aq) 4Cr3+ (aq) + 2CO2 (g) + 11H2O (l) If 35.46 mL of 0.05961 M Cr2O72- is required to ...

social studies
Slaves in 1815 worked from sun-up to sun-down.

social studies
explain or give a reason why slaves should have less hours to work.. REMEMBER YOU ARE THINKING LIKE A PERSON FROM 1815. NOTE: Please do not say because they work to hard and need to work less.. Be specific with your writing. Thank you

However, wouldn't they work harder because they do not want to be beaten anymore?

Yumiko has 6 yards of ribbon. She needs 1/5 yards to make one bow. How many bows can yumiko make?

Tevin has 5 yards of ribbon, he needs 1/6 yards to make one bow. How many bows can tevin make?

Alicia has 4 Yards of ribbons, she needs 1/3 to make one bow. How many bows can Alicia make?

JOSHUA HAS 3 yards off ribbon. He need 1/4 to make one bow. How many bows can joshua makes?

A water system of 2 in.(inside diameter) pipe, having a length of 1/4 mile, is to be flushed with a volume of water equal to twice that contained in the system. how much water (gallons) must be flushed through the system? (note: one cubic foot=7.481gal.)

Mike would like to enlarge his rectangular front yard which is currently 80 feet by 40 feet. He can only extend the width and length by 5x feet. If x = 7 feet, what will be the increase in area of the front yard? How can this problem be raised to a higher level of complexity

5th grade math
what is geometric secuence? what is arithmetic secuence?

largest body of salt water