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How did the united states domestic policy boost production during the war?

How was piet modrians philosophy of art similar to the beliefs of ancienct greeks?

Literary Analysis and Composition I
I really don't know I need help

life science
what are the characteristics that define living things

How many moles of Ag can be produced if 350.g of Cu are reacted with excess AgNO3 according to the equation Cu(s) plus 2AgNO3(aq) plus Cu(NO3)2(aq)?

What mass in grams of 1-chloropropane(C3H7Cl) is produced if 400.g of propane react with excess chlorine gas according to the equation C3H8 plus Cl2>>C3H7Cl plus HCl?

For the reaction SO3 plus H2O>>H2SO4, calculate the percent yield if 500.g of sulfur trioxide react with excess water to produce 575g of sulfuric acid??

For the reaction 2Zn plus O2>> 2ZnO, how many grams of zinc oxide can be produced from 100.g each of zinc and oxygen?

For the reaction SO3 plus H2O>>H2SO4, how many grams of sulfuric acid can be produced from 200.g of sulfuric trioxide and 100.g of water??