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a) Name the colors of visible light (the colors of the rainbow) in order of increasing energy. Indicate the approximate wavelength associated with each color. b) When excited, elemental sodium gives off a distinctive color that is used often in street lighting. What is the ...

world history
With respect to human rights issues in Southeast Asia, which statement is most accurate? A. Chinese merchants living in Cambodia and elsewhere have carried out vendettas against hill tribes. B. Both Cambodia and Vietnam carried out ethnic eradication programs against hill ...

3rd grade science
what are some non renewable resources besides rocks glass coal and chalk

i have to write these definitions with illsutrations. Nominal value/face value, market value, rate of dividend, annual dividend, rate of income, rate of return, percentage yield, Demat, bullish, bearish please help me i want a particular site.

Thank you very much, that was most helpful.

Interest of 12% per year compounded monthly is roughly equivalent to an interest rate of 12.68% per year compunded yearly when using the formula: A=p(1+r/n)^nt If you solve the problem the two are equal; how can you derive 12.68% compounded yearly from 12% per year compounded ...

Ok, thank you so much!

social studies
For this project I'm doing about the Bill of Rights, I had to choose one amendment and I chose the first one; freedom of religion to be more exact. I just need to know what are 2 examples of how this amendment protects citizens?