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0.299 g of NH4Cl is dissolved in 50.0 ml then titrated against 0.205 M NaOH. Calculate the pH at the equivalent point

They need 4 pizzas because 32 divided by 8 equals 4

Which of the following is an example of an innate UCS-UCR connection? sneezing in response to pepper a temper tantrum raising your hand before asking a question in a classroom setting learning to ride a bike by watching your older brother doing so --------------- I believe (...

explain why must the ramp be angled initially to get a starting height

science lab
well did the dissolved oxygen levels go down with the rise in temperature or did they go up or did they stay the same in your experiment


tan 20(degrees)=Opposite/Adjacent =O/12.5 12.5tan20(degrees)=O O=horizontal

north west--|--east south on your vector diagram draw a line going east(right) mark 50km the 30km north(up) for 30degrees east of north imagine a line going straight up(north) then measure 30degreese towards where east would be and make the line 25km once you've drawn the...

fat i think

singly ionized hydrogen (positive)- correct one proton doubly ionized hydrogen(positive)- two protons and two neutrons would be helium not hydrogen, did you mean to write hydrogen? because you cant doubly ionize hydrogen positively singly ionized oxygen (negative)-eight ...

is this a right angle triangle? if it is you can find the hypotenuse which is the longest side of the triangle using Pythagoras theorem a(squared)+b(squared)=c(squared) c=hypotenuse 20(squared)+48(squared)=c(squared) 400+2304=c(squared) 2704=c(squared) (square root)2704=c 52=c

9th grade algebra
oops sorry i havn't done this in a while thanx bobpursley -6-(-2-5^2)= =-6-(-2-25)= =-6-(-27)= (negatives cancel) =-6+27= =27-6= =21

9th grade algebra
-6-[-2-5(squared)]= =-6-[-2-25]= =-6-(-23)= =-23+6 =-17

world issues
i'm having trouble grasping what happened in the Solomon islands 'tensions' could you help me understand the main points/events whatever thanx

a threatened species means that the numbers of that species are getting low but not quite verging on extinction where as an endangered species is on the verge of extingtion