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  1. hurry bedtime

    Remember pemdas (100-7*2+3)÷10 7*2=14 100-10=86 86+5=91 91/10 9.1 pemdas--add to subtract left to right unless subtract is in front of the addition
  2. 7 Science (weather)

    1. the energy for the wateer cycle come from the sun true 2. the temperature at which water vapor condenses to liquid form is called dew point 3. clouds that cover a large area stratus 4. what kind of weather would an anitcyclone likely bring not-- cool and wet 5. what kind of...
  3. math 7

    idk 11% without 39% with
  4. math 7

    if you have 8 marbles in the bag (5 blue and 3 green) and you draw 2 with replacement, what is the theoretical probability that both marbles wil be green how does the probability of getting two greens change if you are not replacing?? if you have 8 marbles in the bag (5 blue ...
  5. 7 Science

    the first one?
  6. 7 Science

    If earth was larger what would happen to it's atmosphere? It would expand It would evaporate It would be sucked into space It would become more dense
  7. alg 7

    A triangle with 3 sides all differnt- 19.5, 32.5, 26. What is the area? I don't even know the formnula
  8. alg 7

    a player rolls five number cubes to score the maximum number of points find the possible number of outcomes? pls help?
  9. Genetics 7th

    Eye color Fur Color black white black 24 24 red 25 27 The table above describes offspring of the same two parents. What are the most likely genotypes of the parents? Ff Ee and ff ee Ff Ee and Ff Ee FF EE and ff ee
  10. Grammar

    Perhaps you were both wrong, or thought th other was in the wrong?
  11. Sq. Root of a Number

    thanks ☺
  12. Sq. Root of a Number

    Estimate the difference √50 - √10 4?
  13. math

    thats what ii came up with
  14. math

    i think so but give me a sec
  15. Jr. High

    kk thanks
  16. Jr. High

    teens point of view. do you think its a waste or a good way to express feeling? im doing a little bit of a project ad theres a lot of trash talking about it.
  17. Jr. High

    as a teenagers pov?
  18. Jr. High

    what do you think of it?
  19. Jr. High

    lol do u know what LTAB is? Louder then a bomb?
  20. Jr. High

    just wondering
  21. Jr. High

    i know happened to me before
  22. Jr. High

  23. Jr. High

    what grade are u in?
  24. Jr. High

  25. Jr. High

    these are a few of them you can get using alt ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ i ♥ alt!
  26. Jr. High

    alt 1 press alt then while holding alt, one on number pad. ☺
  27. Jr. High

    thanks ☺
  28. Jr. High

    Sorry. went with original version..aka with bad words. new version has none oops and thanks