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A radio program describes a fictional town in which "all the children are above average." In what sense is it possible that all the children are above average? In what sense is it not possible that all the children are above average?

A teacher gives a test to a class of 20 student. Is it possible that 90% of the class scores above average? Give examples of test scores for which this is the case. If not, explain why not?

its influence :) hope it helps

fixed question (science check plz)

Languege arts
I am taking this right now! I hope these answers are right.

Explain why it is important to analyze each financial transaction of a business and to report it in the Accounting Information System.

medical office management and office practice
your a coding supervisor interviewing for a new outpatient coding position which will assist you in this process Department procedures or job description I fell that it is job description but not sure can anyone help please

reimbursement methodologies
you are a third-party payer performing medical records review your job is to match codes submitted to claims , you see a code for a colonoscopy procedure but you don't see the procedure report anywhere in the record , as athird-party payer rep. what will your action be ...

medical information management and office
the filing clerk has to file medical record 03-05-40 on the shelf which of the following charts is filed after 03-05-40 using the terminal digit system A. 04-05-41 B. 02-05-40 C. 03-03-39 D. 00-03-38 I think it is D not sure can anyone help thanks so much

reimbursement methodologies
you work for a third party payer performing medical records review, your job is to match codes that are submitted on the claim form to documentation in the medical record. the code has been inputed but you don't see the procedure report anywhere in the recordwhat will your...

Reimbursement methodologies
You work in the hospitals health care management department you assist by completing records. One of the residents complains that he doesnt understand why insurance companies need so much documentation and the reimbursement system is so complex. How do you respond? Please can ...

Reimbursement methodologies
You're reviewing reimbursement for a medicare surgical craniotomy case. the cae falls under DGR 1 which the relative weight of 3.0970 and a geometric mean lenght of stay of 6.3 the hospitals current standard reimburesment rate of $1500.00 calculate the DRg reimbursement ...

medical coding
can anyone help ? what is the result of an erroneous coding of a neoplasm or a web site that might help thanks

medical codng
where can I find info on the importance of a fee schedule and the factors its based on thank you

medical coding 1
where can i find info on the differents between the official coding guidelines for useing V codes in an inpatient and outpatient setting thanks for the help

a patient doesnt want her violent boyfriend to know that she is gtting an abortion, so she asks dr to send all communications to post office box, what should dr do and what is his legal basis. she tells him that it will endanger her if he does can any on tell me any web sites ...

The second branch of the aorta takes blood to the A.heart B.right common carotid artery C.left common cartid artery D.left subclavian artery would it be A not sure

If the pleural space lost its negative pressure which of the following would be true? A.Inspiation would be more difficult B.Expiration would be more difficult C.Sufactant wouldnt be needed D. Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide would improve I think it is would be D but not...

Which gland produces hormones vital to the proccesses leading to child birth and nursing? A.pituitary B.thyroid C.adrenal D.parathroid I think it is D but not sure

anatomy please answer soon
A 36 year old woman has a diease that affects the levels of acetylcholine in her synapses and neuromuscular junctions what is a potiental consequence of this diease? A.Deterioration of the soduim-potassuim pump B.abnormal conduction of signals from neurons to muscles C....

anatomy please answer soon
the hypothalamus considered the Brain of the Brain because it A controls voluntary movement B.produces cerebrospinal fluid C.regulates vital body fluid D.imaintains balance Ibelieve it is C but not sure

a 36 year old woman has a diease that affects the levels of acetylcholine in her synapses and neuromuscular juntions what is a potentail consequence of this diease? A.deterioation of the sodium-potassuim pump b.abnormal conduction of signals from the neurons to muscles C. ...

Is the hypothalamus considered the Brain of the Brain because it regulates vital body functions

if a dog bites a large chunk out of a mans leg,the large open wound wil likely heal by the process of? Primary repair granulation secondary graft I think granulation but not sure

structurally what is the difference between the dermis and the epidermis?

where are keratinized cells found ? hair and nails or subcutaneous layer of the skin thank for the help

which one of the following ia an example of epithelial tissue A.aponeuroses B.subcutaneous skin layer C.lining of the digestive tract D.larynx would it be c not sure

what cellular process involves mitosis A.movement B.fertilization C.growth D.specialization believe B is this correct

the function of the respiratory system closely overlaps with that of the A.excretory B.skeletal C.endocrine D. integumentary I believe it is C but not sure

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