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phy 111
two force act on a point object as follows: 100n at 170 and 100n at 50. find the resultant force

phy 111
what are the dimension of power(time rate of change of expending energy)

Solve the set of linear equations by the matrix method : a+3b+2c=3 , 2a-b-3c= -8, 5a+2b+c=9. Sove for a

l = landa/2 : landa = 2 * l 2 * 75 = 150cm

The National Association of Realtors estimates that 23% of all homes purchased in 2004 were considered investment properties. If a sample of 800 homes sold in 2004 is obtained what is the probability that at least 175 homes are going to be used as investment property

Differentiate between the various financial intermediaries,what is their main differentiating factor?

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