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  1. Math

    What is the value of g(4) when g(x) = -2x + 6 ? I think it is c 14 -2 -14 8
  2. math

    So do I have the right answer
  3. math

  4. math

    Which transformations take f(x)=3x+1 to g(x)=?3x-5 ? I think A Question 1 options: a reflection over the y-axis and a translation 4 units up a reflection over the y-axis and a translation 4 units down a reflection over the x-axis and a translation 4 units up a reflection over ...
  5. Math

    Choose the correct justification to get to line 3: -21 - 51x < 1 - 62x.
  6. Math

    Can i have help on the actual question
  7. Math

    IDK how to do this
  8. Math

    Solve for x. 9 ? 17? 4x
  9. math

    These are the answers to the question
  10. math

    Solve for x. x/2 ? ?4 x??8 x??2 x??2 x??8
  11. Social Studies

    What formal powers does the governor use to achieve his or her legislative goals? 1) the veto 2)administrative bills 3)presenting the state budget 4) all of the above -------
  12. SS

    Which of the following is a reason that conservatives were not happy with the Constitution of 1777? A. Eight counties were formed from twelve parishes B. A one-house legislature was created*** C. Too many men were eligible to vote D. Trial by jury was available to those who ...
  13. science

    Both carbon dioxide and water are pure substances. How are they similar to each other? A. both substances have a set ratio of atoms that cannot be separated by physical means. B. both substances have a set ratio of atoms that can be separated by physical means. C. both ...
  14. science

    Using an example, explain how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer questions in your everyday life
  15. social studies

    Zurai is right
  16. Social Studies

    supergirl is right connexus
  17. Maths

  18. Social Studies 8

    1. A + C 2. B + C + D 3. C + D 4. A + B + D 5. A + D
  19. math

    The lowest unit rate
  20. math

    Which of the following is the unit tests. 20lb for 16.20 26lb for 23.40 24lb for 18.72 22lb for 18.70
  21. art

    8 is 8
  22. social studies

    That's right I'm taking the test to
  23. science

    help pleas on my science
  24. science

    4. Jenny crosses 2 hybrid pea plants. What is the probability that the offspring will be short? Draw a punnett square below to solve this problem
  25. SS help connections academy

    I don't have time for that I just need a few sentences
  26. SS help connections academy

    What am I supposed to do with this I just need a few sentences
  27. SS help connections academy

    What challenges must Cyprus overcome to reunify? Explain your ideas about this topic and suggest ways that Cyprus could work to solve its challenges of diversity.
  28. math again helpp

    animaegirl I got it but thanks for trying to help
  29. math again helpp

  30. math again helpp

    0.6x + 0.8 = 1.4 Explain each step and identify the property
  31. math help connections academy HHEELLPP

    I have one more question
  32. math help connections academy HHEELLPP

    sorry don't go there
  33. math help connections academy HHEELLPP

    thanks connections academy is so hard do go there
  34. math help connections academy HHEELLPP

    19 = h/3 -8
  35. Social Studies

    For connexus students A is right.
  36. science

    Animals with Bilateral symmetry have have a distinct head end have no definite shape can only move in one direction -------- all live in water
  37. educational technology

    what is a side by side feature
  38. Social Sudies please help

    which of these factors does not contribute to the income potential the education required to be successful at a job the amount of income a person wants to make at a job the special skills needed to do a job well the enjoyment a person finds in a job -----
  39. Social Sudies please help

  40. Social Sudies please help

    workers mostly sell there labor in order to earn income --------- grow their productivity become entrepreneurs avoid inflation
  41. math help

    (-1.15) x 3.2 = Please help me I have to use steps also.
  42. science

    An eagle is a carnivore. It MOST LIKELY gets the energy it needs to reproduce from A) oxygen. B) plants. C) the sun.--------- D) rodents.
  43. math help

    i think its c
  44. math help

    what is the simplified form of this expression 5x(2x2 to the second power) 10x3 20x2 10x2 100x4
  45. math help

    Find the value of X which will make the proportion true:? 6/20 = 78/x 468 120 260 ----- 13
  46. English

    Liar the answers above will get you 2 answers right
  47. The giver

    Yeee is right
  48. Math

    BCBB is right in connections academy

    7 is b
  50. Math check


    anonymous is right.
  52. Social Studies

    they're all right. don't listen to glade.
  53. Science

    bdd true
  54. Art Help!

    a C B D
  55. Art

    DAB is right.
  56. educational technology

    ADB is right.
  57. science(check answers)

    nevermind it is c.
  58. science(check answers)

    1 is c
  59. science HELP ASAP!!!!!!!

    if you go to conexus its wrong
  60. science

    The answers are. DDBA
  61. 7th grade math Ms.Sue please

    Awesome guy is wrong if your in cunexus because of him i got a 25.