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Sin < 0-----> quadrant 3 and 4 Sec > 0 ---- quadrant 1 and 4 sec = 1/cos Answer is quadrant 4

the bridge was built, the wood contained 15 grams of carbon-14. How much carbon- 14 would it have contained when it was found by the archaeologists? Round to the nearest hundredth

writing to explain if you star with an unbalanced scale and add the same amount to each side, what happens to scale ?

Which of the following is least likely to affect an economy's capacity to produce? A.Technology B. Capital C. Labor D. Education E. Government spending I know technology and capital both have a significant affect on the economy's economy so I can cross those off. But ...

describe global warming

describe the global warming problem. what are the primary gases involved in the green house effect/global warming. how are the gases generated

why does warer boil at a higher temp then nh3 when they are both dipole dipole?

what is difference between h2o and h2s. the only thing i can say about this is that water is a polar bond becaue the bonds cant cancel out.

what do you mean its not symmertrical in space>

what is the difference between polar bonds and polar molecules. i know a polar bond is a bond between two dipoles? what are polar molecules? wouldnt it be the same?

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Heres the question: "In determining the simplest formula of lead sulfide, 2.46 grams of lead are placed in a crucible with 2.00 grams of sulfur. When the reaction is complete, the product has a mass of 3.22 grams. What mass of sulfur should be used to in the simplest ...

which of the following frenquencies falls in the range of RF waves used by commercial radio broadcasting stations