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when it comes to chunks being ejected the masses are and velocities are 5kg(1737m/s), 10kg (184.3m/s), 100kg (1994m/s), 1000kg (2008m/s) What happens to the difference between the velocities as the number of chunks increases? What happens to the kinetic energy of the system ...

More related rates.
Heyy, its me again. So last night I asked a related rate question, and I think I still don't get it. I tried it a few differnt ways and I think I'm just missing something...I don't think a speed of a rocket can be 0.018km/hr:S. So heres what happened: A camera, ...

Related rates,...again
I also have another question (I'm not doing too good one these realted rates). A camera, located 2 km from the launch pad, is tracking the rocket that is fired straight up. When the height of the rocket is 20 km, the camera is rotating at the rate of 1/200 radians per ...

Related rates
Hey, I have a question on related rates and I'm a little rusty at them. I have an idea how to do this one but at a certian point i get stuck. The question is: Two cars leave the intersection, the first travelling south at 40 km/hr and another travelling west at 90 km/hr. ...

Okay so I have a question on my assignment that says: You are given that tan(y) = x. Find sin(y)^2. Express your answer in terms of x. I know its derivatives, and I've tried taking the derivatives of both etc, and got them both to come out as cos(y)^2, which I know can be ...

Okay so I have the following question and I am totally stuck: Newton's Law of Gravitation says that the magnitude F or the force exerted by a body of mass m on a body of mass M given by F=(GmM)/r^2 where G is the gravitational constant and r the distance between the bodies...

Okay so I have this assignment and I thought I knew how to do this but appearntly I am just lost. I know what the answer is suposed to be and I am deifantly no wheres near that. If you can sorta point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks! The question is: The ...

We have been getting numerous questions like this on assignments and I can't figure them out. Its like I know that there some way connected but I can't figure it out. This is for Chemistry in highschool and its likea review and so they are not going over it but I would...

Calculus Assignment
Hey there. Okay well I just started first year university and we got an assignment to sorta brush up our rememberance of everything and well...I'm not remebering to well. If anyone can help me with this question that would be great. Thanks. The secant method of finding a ...

I am in the same class eth/125.. still looking for the answer but thought I would say hi to the fellow Axia students.. HI good luck to all of you..

How in the hell am I supposed to know what other measurements sociologist use to calculate prejudice. I can see this is going to be another weird class. I put I don't know,sorry.

ETH 125
This is also my second week in eth125 at axia!!!! I cant believe I found others that are taking or have taken the same class as I am. Thanks for all your help everyone.

This is so funny.I am attending Axia College also and taing ETH125 and COM215. I think the COM215 class is pretty difficult and I stress over the assignments. This site proves that great minds think alike.

Psychology -- anyone
Reexamining Gender Issues in Erikson's Stages of Identity and Intimacy by Horst, Elisabeth A.

Chemistry quick question
Ok so a quick question. I have the equation Ca3(PO4)2 --> 3Ca+2 + 2PO4-3 Sorr its confusing, int he first part the 3 4 and too are all little numbers at the bottom, for the second part the +2 and -3 are small numbers at the top to show the charges. Ok so anyways the ...

Chem exam
I'm tyring to study for my chem exam and I cant figure out how to do this question: The solubility of MgCl2 is 54.25 g per 100ml of water at 25 degrees C. A student prepares a 2.50 mol/L solution of MgCl2 and states it is a saturated solution. Useing calculations determine...

We have to write the balanced redox equation for this and this is the only one im stuck on. Incase theres another way to do it, we have to do it where you write all the oxidation numbers and then find out which one is reducaed which is oxidized, then write the half reactions, ...

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