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  1. Science

    Can't undcramble these words-buuafau
  2. economic

    897 and 4.5% interest.
  3. Math

    The amount of bacteria after and then it in the initial amount of bacteria is Q in the amount of the bacteria triples every 15 seconds hence the answer should contain Q as well as n
  4. Math

    There are 12 girls and 18 boys in a class. What is the largest number of groups they can be split into and have the same number of boys and girls on each team?
  5. Math

    How to put these from least to greatest -13,0,-7,7,1 and 25,-2.1,1,-2.2,0
  6. Math

    The recycling Club collected newspapers to recycle. The number of pounds of newspapers they collected rounded to the nearest tenth, is 195.3 pounds. What are the three possible numbers that could be the actual number of pounds of newspapers they collected?
  7. statistics

    For a population with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 10, what is the Z score corresponding to an individual score of 95?
  8. Economics

    A student taking economics, statistics, and finance has decided to spend 9 hours per week studying. The objective is to maximize the average grade, which means maximizing the total grade in the three courses. 1. How should the student allocate her time
  9. Math

    I am driving 65 miles per hour. I must drive 520 miles total. I have already driven 195 miles, how long will it take me to reach my destination. Use this equation to represent the number of hours to reach my destination? 65h + 195 = 520. A.2 hours B.5 hours C.15 hours D.22 hours
  10. Math

    Harry is a dog walker and he charges 15 dollars to come to my house, 2 dollars per mile walked. He charged me 19 dollars. Which equation could I use to determine howxfar he walked my dog. A. 2m + 5 = 19 B.19 + 15 = 2m C.19 + 2m =15 D.2m + 15 =15
  11. MathTim has a picture frame that is 30 centimeters

    Tim has a picture frame that is 30 centimeters long and 24 centimeters wide he wants to make a picture frame that is similar in shape but is 18 centimeters long how wide should the second picture frame be
  12. Science

    Two teams are pulling on a rope. Team 1 pulls with a force of 124 newtons, while team 2 pulls with a force of 110 Newton in the opposite direction which of the following correctly describes the motion that will result A. Team 1 will move, team 2 will not B. Team 2 will move, ...
  13. math

    The length of a rectangular garden exceeds the width by 8 feet. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 28 feet, what are its dimensions?
  14. Math And Science for Young Children

    The conventional problem-solving strategies usually taught have been: A. act out the problem, make a drawing or diagram, and solve the problem. B. look for a pattern, construct a table, solve the problem, and look back. C. understand the problem, devise a plan, carry out the ...
  15. math And Science for Young Children

    Planning concepts experiences starts with: A. selecting objectives. B. selecting materials. C. assessment. D. evaluation. Is B the correct answer
  16. math And Science for Young Children

    The processes of awareness, exploration, and inquiry, and __________ are encompassed in the learning-cycle for young children.   A. generalization B. utilization C. recognition D. coordination Is B the correct answer
  17. Math And Science for Young Children

    sking the children to construct a graph to show how many beans have sprouted is an example of the process skill of: A. communication. B. predicting. C. inferring. D. classifying. Is D the correct answer
  18. Math And Science for Young Children

    Concepts can be characterized as: A. the building blocks of knowledge. B. thoughts that are incomplete until adulthood. C. ideas that young children do not yet have. D. basic to math but not to science. Is D the correct answer
  19. Math And Science for Young Children

    ll of the following EXCEPT __________ describes the personal learning style. A. visual B. auditory C. work-along D. colorful is D the correct answer
  20. Math And Science for Young Children

    After assessing your students, what question should you ask as you start organizing for teaching? A. What do my students know about this science topic? B. What is the appropriate science content that my students need to know? C. What do my students want to know about this ...
  21. Math And Science for Young Children

    yes 5-12
  22. Math And Science for Young Children

    school age
  23. Math And Science for Young Children

    The process skill that is most appropriate for use with older children is:   A. observation. B. predicting. C. measuring. D. classifying. Is C the correct answer
  24. Math And Science for Young Children

    Early childhood encompasses three of the four Piagetian stages. Which one of the stages is NOT reached during early childhood? A. Preoperational B. Concrete operational C. Sensorimotor D. Formal operations IS D the correct answer
  25. Math And Science for Young Children

    __________ is/are NOT a basic lesson plan component. A. Object B. Concept C. Materials D. Goals Is B the correct answer
  26. Math and Science for young Children

    Predictable student responses are likely during:   A. narrow questions. B. open-ended questions. C. initiating activities. D. observational skills. is B the right answer
  27. Personal Finance

    if you anticipate strong economic market conditions, you may want to __________ . A. shift more funds to bond mutual funds B. allocate more to cash C. shift more funds to bonds D. shift more funds to stocks Is A correct
  28. World Geography

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a political party based in which re;egos group? a. Muslims b. Hindus c. Sikhs d. Buddhists is b the correct answer
  29. World Geography

    The world region which currently accounts for the largest share of global population is: a. Africa b. Latin America c. Europe d. Asia Is c the correct answer
  30. Human Growth

    Identify the theorist below who is most likely to agree with the following statement: “Gender identity occurs when the child gives up the wish to possess the parent of the other sex and identifies with the same-sex-parent.” a. Jean Piaget b. Sigmund Freud c. Albert ...
  31. Human growth

    I choose d is that correct
  32. Human growth

    Piaget's concept of conservation is important to developmental scientists when assessing thinking of preschool and school-age children. Which one of the statements below best illustrates that the child is able to conserve? a. Ricki can reason that if there are 6 red roses ...
  33. technology & Society

    is c the correct answer
  34. technology & Society

    Indirectly, the "meat-eating quarter of humanity" consumes nearly __________ of the world's grain. A. 15% B. 20% C. 40% D. 50%
  35. Technology & Society

    I chose c
  36. Technology & Society

    The study of ecology focuses specifically on: A. the world that is all around us. B. the world of living things in our planet. C. the mutual relationship between organisms and the natural world. D. anything having to do with life.
  37. Algerbra

    I choose C but not sure if that's correct
  38. Algerbra

    f m and p are positive integers and (m + p) x m is even, which of the following must be true? A. If m is odd, then p is odd. B. If m is odd, then p is even. C. If m is even, then p is even. D. If m is even, then p is odd. I choose C is that correct
  39. Algerbra

    f y = (x + 3)2, then (-2x - 6)2 must equal which of the following? A. -4y2 B. -2y2 C. -4y D. 4y is A the right answer
  40. 5th grade math

    how do I solve 1 2/3 + 1/6. not coming up with the answers they are giving 5x6 +1x3/3x6 30+3/18 33/18 = 11/6 = 1 5/6 (my equations) their ans. 9/16, 11/6, 16/22, 22/12 and 33/18 help
  41. Math

    Sue mom baked 12 cookies. Sue ate 3 for snack what fraction of the cookies did she eat.
  42. Human Growth

    Dizygotic twins are: A identical in genetic make-up, but not identical in appearance. B. the result of the division of just one fertilized egg C. no more alike that any other siblings D. almost mirror images of one another I choose A is that correct
  43. math

    Karla went shopping and bought a dress for 5 1/2 dollars and a skirt for 2 3/5 dollars/ If she paid for the clothes with a $20. how much money did she have left? how do i solve this problem using models
  44. math

    Karla went shopping and bought a dress for 5 1/2 dollars and a skirt for 2 3/5 dollars/ If she paid for the clothes with a $20. how much money did she have left?
  45. math

    1/3 of lunch money was spent on a sandwich, 1/2 spent on water, 1/8 spent on chips. what fraction of money is left
  46. algebra

    a farmer wishes to enclose a recectangular garden with 300 yard fencing, river runs along one side of the garden no fencing is need there, what are the dimensins of th rectangle if the area is 10450 square yards a=l*w 10,450=300*W
  47. Human Growth

    Which one of the following U.S. mothers-to-be is least likely to receive parental care? A.Maria, a Puerto Rican teenager B. Gladys, an African American woman C. Aylana, a Native American teenager D. Susan, a white woman I choose B is that correct
  48. Human Growth

    i did some further reading and C can also be the correct answer.
  49. Human Growth

    Amniocentesis is most often recommended for women: A. under 18 to detect defects and chromosomal Disorders B. over age 35 to detect genetic defects and chromosomal disorders C. who have Tay-Sachs disease to determine whether the baby has Down’s syndrome D. who are between...
  50. Human Growth

    Abraham is a mildly retrded 10-year-old who often sits on the floor and repeatedly rocks back and fourth. He is socially inept, does not make eye contact with anyone. The most likely explanation forces behavior is that Abraham has. A. schizophrenia B. autism C. multiple ...
  51. Human Growth

    Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy are at higher than normal risk for all of the following except: A. Cancer B. poor IQ scores C. sudden infant death syndrome D. above-average birthweight I choose D is that correct
  52. Human Growth

    Which one of the following functions is not performed by the placenta? A. Combating internal infection B. Producing hormones that support the pregnancy C. Giving the developing baby immunity to various diseases D. Producing morphogens that cause cell transformation. I choose c...
  53. Human Growth

    read further and choose A is that correct
  54. Human Growth

    Ashley is very bold, outgoing, sociable, agreeable, and open to trying new things. Her sunny personality can probably be attributed: A. more to environment than heredity B. more to intelligence than to any other factor C. more to heredity than environment D. equall to heredity...
  55. Human Growth

    Four-year-old Sergai can tell his Poppa how to wash the clothes. Yesterday, Sergai told Poppa , “First get the dirty clothes from the basket. Next, put them in the washing machine. Now add some soapy stuff. Close the washer lid and press the button. When the buzzer rings...
  56. Human Growth

    Social learning theorists such as Bandura are most likely to link the rise in school violence with children’s exposure to: A. media and video game violence B. poverty and parental neglect C. aggressive team sports D. abuse by teachers I choose A is that correct
  57. Human Growth

    According to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory, there are eight developmental stages, each with its own crises to be resolved. Successful resolution of each of the eight crises: A. requires that the negative trait be eliminated altogether, and the positive trait prevail ...
  58. Human Growth

    Sorry C. Heredity and environment interact to determine the course of development. D.Enviroment is the single greatest influence on development. I choose C is that correct
  59. Human Growth

    Which one of the following statements best describes the relationship between heredity and environment? A. Heredity is more influential than environment in determining the course of development? B. Maturation has a much greater influence on development than either environment ...
  60. Human Growth

    An Li reached puberty at age 12, and John Smith retired at age 65. An Li’s and John Smith’s experiences are examples of: A. normative events. B. non-normtive influences C. critical periods D. risk factors Is B the correct answer
  61. Human Growth

    Mary Lou must complete a research project to get her associate degree. She has just one year left to finish her degree and must spend as little time and money as possible on her research. She plans to compare stress levels of 8th graders to stress levels of 9th graders. What ...
  62. Human Growth

    The right to ___ is not one of the ethical guidelines for research specified by the APA. A. financial compensation B. informed consent C. privacy and confidentiality D. avoidance of deception I choose A is that correct
  63. Human Growth

    would A be the right answer
  64. Human Growth

    Is D the correct answer
  65. Human Growth

    The composition of a neighborhood affects how children turn out. The two most powerful factors in determining positive or negative developmental outcomes are: A. role models and drugs B. human capital and race C. wealth and poverty D. income and human capital I choose D
  66. Human Growth

    Abstract thinking and scientific reasoning generally do not begin to develop until: A. middle adulthood B. young adulthood C. adolescence D. middle childhood I choose D
  67. Human Growth

    During which developmental period do children begin to develop self-control and develop a gender identity? A. infancy B. Early childhood C. Middle childhood D. Adolescence I choose C
  68. Human Growth

    Because Lucy is large for her age, she may not have many friends. This is an example of the interaction between which two types of development? A. Physical and psychosocial B. Physical and cognitive C. Cognitive and psychosocial D. Psychosocial and intellectual Is A the ...
  69. Human Growth

    Individual differences originate as a result of three basic developmental influences. These influences can best be summed up as: A heredity, genetics, and environment B. heredity, environment, and maturation C. family, friends, and ethnicity D. socioeconomic, status, risk ...
  70. Human Growth

    Which one of the following instances is an example of qualitative change? A. Last year two-year-old Helga could not talk, but now she can carry on a conversation. B Fifteen-year-old Marty grew 3 inches over the summer. He is now taller than Dad. C. Nine-year-old Billy Bob can ...
  71. Human Growth

    Life span development studies are based on the idea that: A. development occurs early in life, but not in late adulthood. B. there is almost no continuity over the lifespan, so an individual’s history has little effect on development. C. sociohistorical events affect ...
  72. human growth

    D is that correct
  73. human growth

    The esteemed Dr Bookworm has just completed a study in which he found a +1.0 correction between the number of cups of coffee his students drank right before class and the scores they earned on his final exam. This correlation means that: A. the less coffee the students drank, ...
  74. Human Growth

    in order to study the schools of children from poor families, Jonathan Kozol moved to several different U.S. cities and taught in their poorest schools. After doing this for a few years, he wrote a book about his findings. Kozol’s work is an example of a/an ___ study.
  75. grammar

    The patient was advised to return to the clinic immediately for any redness or swelling. immediately modifies which word:
  76. grammar

    I instructed the patient to return tomorrow. Tomorrow modifies which adverb?
  77. American History

  78. geography

    Horace Greeley said to go in this direction from this latitude line 85 degrees West, Go 136 feet
  79. math

    tammy want to get change for 1$. the only coins she can get are half dollars, quarters, and nickels. how many different ways can she get a 1$ using only these coins?
  80. help

  81. Math

    if Carlos has 10 books on his shelf. he has read 4 out of 10 books are read, what fraction of the books were not read
  82. Algebra

    A small garden measures 7 ft by 14 ft. A uniform border around the garden increases the total area to 170 ft2. What is the width of the border?
  83. public Speaking

    I believe it is B is that correct
  84. psych

    I believe it is B
  85. Math

    When you are multiplying a 7 x 3 matrix by a 3 x 2 matrix, what would the resulting matrix be of which order? Write your answer is a x b form.
  86. Science Check

    Hi! Can someone check my answers? Thanks!! :) Question 1: A skateboarder (coasting with a constant velocity) jumps straight up. What happens she she lands? Does she come down.... A.) behind the skateboard B.) ahead of the skateboard C.) on the skateboard My answer: B. Question...
  87. Algebra

    Write a detailed solution to the system x 1 3y # 9 y # 22x 1 6, where x $ 0 and y $ 0. Graph the system to show all possible solutions.
  88. Business Math

    Lance Lopes went to his bank to find out how long it will take for $1,700 to amount to $2,900 at 10% simple interest. Can you solve Lance’s problem?
  89. Business Math

    He took out a $100.00 loan payable in two weeks at $105.50. What is the percent of interest paid on this loan?
  90. Math

    Find all the solutions of the equation in the interval {o,2pi) sec^2x+tanx=1
  91. Spanish Help

    Hi! Can someone check my answers to make sure that I am doing these right? Thanks so much! :) Directions: Match the command to the correct Spanish command. 1.) Listen! (friend) 2.) Listen! (you guys) 3.) Don’t listen! (stranger) 4.) Don’t listen! (friend) 5.) Don&#...
  92. math

    which variable had greater variability number of hours of school work and the number of hours watching television
  93. Chemistry

    How do I figure out the 2nd part? How many moles of NO are produced according to the equation? I have watched several videos and I still don't understand this concept.
  94. Chemistry

    If 0.200mol of nitrogen gas and 0.200mol of oxygen gas react, what is the limiting reactant? N2(g)+O2(g)→2NO(g) How many moles of NO are produced according to the equation? Please show how to perform this equation with the answer please.
  95. Physic

    A1/2 inch diameter piston moves 10 inches when 30 Lbs of force is applied, how far will it move a 6 inch Diamter piston, and how much weight will this piston lift?
  96. Algebra I

    Fill in the compound inequality 4(x-6) 2(x-10) and 5(x + 2) >/ 2(x +8) with less than, greater than, at least, or at most so that the solution is only one value
  97. Math

    What will be the total deduction for social SECURITY and MEDICARE taxes on Amishi's next weekly paycheck of $700 if she has already earned $22,400 this year? Social security tax is 6.2% of wages up to $106,800. MEDICARE tax is 1.45% of all wages.
  98. geometry

    Thank you so much! I wish my math teacher mentioned that :/ haha Thank you again!!!
  99. geometry

  100. geometry

    line BD bisects angle ABC. Solve for X and find the measures of angle ABC. angle ABD= 5X, angle DBC= 3X + 10 I don't really understand this question so can someone please help me solve this and explain to me how they solved it/ show the steps of how to solve this question...
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