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math please help
Give the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line y=x+4 and passes through point (0, -1).

please help
Give the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line and passes through point (0, -1).

please help-algebra
Give the equation of the line that passes through point ( 1, -3) and is parallel to the line y = 2x - 8.

Find the center and radius of the circle. (x - 1)^2 + y^2 = 36

"Training for the upcoming ten-mile marathon, Lizette includes more protein and complex carbohydrates in her diet.

I have to write an example of an algebraic expression and an equation in word problem form can anyone help me with this? I am unsure where to even begin.....

i'm still confused can you help me solve them?

yes but how would i find m?

Determine the boiling point elevation of H2O in each of the following solutions: 1)2.5 m solution of C6H12O6 (glucose)in H2O. 2) 3.20 g C6 H12 O6 in 1.00 kg H20 3) 20.0 C12 H22 O11 (sucrose) in 500.g H2O

i thought a thesis statement contained supporting details which give the paper it's direction

I am writing a character analysis on "everyday use" by alice walker. I am having trouble with my thesis. This is what I have "Even though Mama loves both of her daughters, she is jealous of Dee’s true characteristics of being strong-minded, educated, and ...

7th grade
what is -4x=-76

7th grade
what is -4x=-76

social studies
what group of people made a historic move and traveled from nova scotia,canada to louisiana territory

social studies
In war 0f 1812... Describe the destruction of Washington D.C.????

social studies
as British marched on Washington D.C. in August of 1814, what two orders did president Madison issue?

social studies
U.S.S. Constitution provided america's first victory and earned what nickname

social studies
The war did not go very well for america in the beginning, specifically what happened at Fort Detroit

social studies
why does the british admiral cochrane have a personal obsession with defeating the americans

social studies
what was the population of the united states in 1812

us history
why does the British admiral Cochrane have a personal obsession with defeating the americans

art 101
I am not understanding the assignment due for Friday. We are to write a 200-300 word response to the following: in you own words, summarize why Kenneth Clark's interpretation of African mask is ethnocentric. I really do not understand what ethnocentric.

Solve for x in the interval [0,2pi) sin^2x+2cosx=2

A) The slope B) C(2)=3.03(2) C(2)=6.06 C) C(9)=3.03(9) C(9)=27.27

8th grade
A galaxy.

Verify the Identity: sec(x/2)=the square root of (2 tanx/(tanx sinx))

yw. =]

The vertex of a parabola is the high point or low point of the graph. When given y=a(x-h)+k, u can find the vertex by writing (h,k)

Advanced Accounting
Estimated and Actual Goodwill Passion Company is trying to decide whether or not to acquire Desiree Inc. The following balance sheet for Desiree Inc. provides information about book values. Estimated market values are also listed, based upon Passion Company’s appraisals. ...

crt 205
what questions would you ask yourself when evaluating an action on utilitarian gro

I have this exact same homework assignment! Science Probe! All of my answers for the analysis so far: a) to draw the fuel up into the flame. b) carbon dioxide and water vapour. d) chemical: hydrocarbon breaking down into co2 and h2o. e)heat and light. f) carbon diowide and ...

a study found that the means waiting time to see a physican at an outpatient clinic was 40 minutes with a standard deviation of 28 minutes. use excel to find each probability. a. what is the probability of more than an hours wait? B. less than 20 minutes? C. at least 10 minutes?

AED 204
thank you

AED 204
I am stuck on the final paper for this class. I am not really sure what is expected. The directions don't make sense to me. o Assume that the cultural make up of your classroom includes at least five different ethnic and religious groups. o Address how and why you would ...

Critical thinking
I was unclear if this was a strong and sound argument. My take is that it is in fact Strong/Sound Argument based on the following: The murder of JFK was proven by facts years ago, however, other sources have unsuccessfully tried to counter this conclusion. If the government ...

Critical thinking
More than forty years after President JFK’s assassination, it’s no easier to accept the idea tha a loser like Lee Harvey Oswald committed a crime of the century all by himself with a $12.78 mail-order rifle and a $7.17 scope. Yet even though two thousand plus books ...

I need to fill in the blanks with the correct indirect or direct pronouns. Voy a compara esta corbata para mi papa. Voy a ------------- para su cumpleanos.

How will you apply the knowledge you have gained about effective business communication in you current jobs and college courses

Which of these solvents: hexane, ethanol,or distilled water, would work as effective grease removers?

2/5(3x-1)Greater than 8.please solve

3 men went fishing they would divide all fish evenly. 1st guy get them divided with 1 left over, next guy divides without prior knowledge again throws the extra over finally the 3rd one gets up and divides equally with one lft over. What is the smallest number of fish caught.

com 140
my teacher wants me to create a table that lays out a day by day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search

what is the path of the optic nerve

What is the coordinating conjunctions that can be used to combine two complete sentences with a comma ?

I have absolutely no clue how to approach this question please help. The destruction of the ozone layer is an issue that is being discussed all around the world. Freons, or chlorinated hydrocarbon molecules, are very stable on the ground, but in the upper atmosphere, ...

What does Mississippi rank in size and population? Please help! Thank you.


Why is factoring polynomials important? How do we use it in our everyday lives?

If the sides of a square are lengthened by 8cm, the area becomes 144 cm^2 Find the length of a side of the original square. The length of a side of the original square is?cm

The base of a triangle is 5cm greater than the height. The area is 18cm^2. Find the height and the base. The height is triangle is?cm The base of the triangle is?cm

U.S History
what were the cultural, social, economic, and political factors of the union (the north) and the confederacy (the south).

6. A farmer planted a field of Bt 123 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 22 ears in 1/1000 of an acre. He determines that each ear has about 700 kernels on average. He also knows that a bushel contains about 90 000 kernels on average. ...

college physics
(-15.0)-(1/2)(-9.80)(.96)/.96 answer equals .10.7

college physics
While standing on a bridge 15.0 m above the ground, you drop a stone from rest. When the stone has fallen 3.10 m, you throw a second stone straight down. What initial velocity must you give the second stone if they are both to reach the ground at the same instant? Take the ...

college physics
While standing on a bridge 15.0 m above the ground, you drop a stone from rest. When the stone has fallen 3.10 m, you throw a second stone straight down. What initial velocity must you give the second stone if they are both to reach the ground at the same instant? Take the ...

vo1 +1/2at2 and vo2 +t i just don't know what numbers to put where

college algebra
scientific notation 4.0x10^-3x3.6x10^-3/1x10^4x4.5x10^-2

college algebra
using scientific notation 4x10^9/2x10^-7

U.S HIstory
that didn't help but thanks anywy

U.S HIstory
list the similarities between New MExico and California and in the way Americans settled in the both places?

Paint Town sold 45 paintbrushes, one kind at $8.50 each and another at $9.75 each. In all, $398.75 was taken in for the brushes. How many of each kind were sold?

Organic Chemistry
what is the name of the amide that is formed by the following reaction: Butanoic acid + Methylamine? - CH3CH2CH2COOH + CH3NH2 ---> product + H2O? i put n-methylbutyramide and they counted it wrong.

Organic Chemistry
can you please help me with naming the following benzene? i have tried several times. it is a benzene that has 2 substiuents - a ethyl on the 1st point, and an Iodine on the 3rd. i put: 1-ethyl-3-iodobenzene but it keeps saying it is wrong?

we collected butane gas using a funnel and graduated cylinder under water. then we had to determine the experimental R value and compare it to the constant

Would the R (PV=nRT)value go up or down if you had not corrected the gas for partial pressure of water? I was thinking down but im not sure

organic chemistry
waht is the IUPAC name of CH2=CH2 + H2O yields (and on top of the arrow sign is H3PO4) product? what is the answer?

organic chemistry
there is only one and it is attached at the 3rd intersection. CH2-CH3 is at the top, so point 1, and Iodine is at point 3.

organic chemistry
what is the name of the aromatic benzene compound containing 1 ethyl and 3 iodine? i answered 1-ethyl-3-iodobenzene and that is not correct? i am so confused.

the ancient greeks thought that the most pleasing shape for a rectangle was one for which the ratio of the length to the width was approximately 8 to 5, the golden ratio. if the length of a rectangular painting is 2 feet longer than its width, then for what dimensions would ...

enivornmental science
I need to find two sources that are peer-reviewed on the declining fish population for my final project any suggestions.

Looking for any help with a 1750 to 2100 word paper that formulates a mitigation plan for the declining fish population. Any websites I could go to or and suggestion would be a big help

Cultural Diversity
I have to write a 1400 to 1750 word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race in my community. I am having trouble finding any websites to help any suggestions? I live in Indiana if that helps.


teachers aide
Which of the following children is most at risk for experiencing a severe stress reaction?

a rhythmic unit enclosed between a pair of vertical lines is called?

Which one of the following depressants is an opioid?

Physical Science
According to the modern definition, NH3 is

gen education
identify three different personality types and develop a strategy for effective communication

Recognize the enormous importance of relics and the legends of saints in the designation of holy places throughout Europe

give me an example

For the acute angle with sin theta=3/5, find cos theta, tan, cot, csc, sec.

In window Vista, which process allows you to display two documents side by side

In windows vista, the run command can be found in which application

SCI 241 final paper

5y-6=29-2y y=?

56/7= ones/7

75 is what % of 1000

english 30-1
why does the poet use italics in grammar poem by rita wong

Meters per second(m/sec) is a unit of what?

Your family takes 2.5 hours to drive to grandmoms house. If you traveled an average of 60 km per hour, how fast did you travel?

Economics for Global Manager
Explain how banks and individuals can use “covered interest arbitrage” to protect themselves when they make international financial investments.

BLIND BATS AT HALLOWEEN There were number of bats in a cave. Two bats can see out of right eye, Three bats can see out of left eye, Four can't see out of left eye, and Five can't see out of right eye. What is the least number of bats in the cave & what might their ...

An individual is running around a turn with an 11-m radius at 3.75 m/s. What is the runner's centripetal (radial) acceleration?

HCA 240
The difference between HIV/AIDS are what they mean. HIV stands for Human Immudefiency Virus (HIV), (AIDS) Acquired Immudefiency Disease Syndrom. Hiv is what is called at the beginner when you are not having that many problems with different parts of our body along with how ...

algrbra 2
coefficients of the given polynomial: -2x3 – 9x2 + 5x + 1

Graphing the system of inequalities. y>= -5 x>= 6

A woman throws a ball at a vertical wall 40m away the ball is 20m above the ground when it leaves woman's hand with an initial velocity of 14m/s at 45degrees.when the ball hits the wall the horizontal component of its velocity remain unchanged.(a)where does the ball hit ...

Look on page 343 in your Understanding Medical Coding Book

What is the verb? My calendar shows that I have to see the Dentist next Tuesday.

f(x)=(x+3), h(x)=(3x-5) Find g(f(x))=h

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