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What is the area of the region bounded by the lines x=1 and y=0 and the curve y= x-e^x^2? A. 1-e units squared B. e-1 units squared C. (e-1)/2 units squared D. (1-e)/2 units squared or E. e/2 units squared if you can show me how to get that please


Pronoun case for who and whom 23a. Jon Bon Jovi, who is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena football team. 23b. Jon Bon Jovi, whom is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena Please what is the correct answer? I chose (A).

a sample consisting 22.7g of a nongasous unstable compound X is placed inside a metal cylinder with a radius of 8Cm and a piston is carefully placed on the surface of the compound so that for all practical purposes the distance between the bottom of the cylinder and the piston...

Criminal law
"self induced intoxication negates mens rea, hence no crime is committed" justify the statement.

thank you economyst. I have been doing it correctly :) except for industry supply curve as 50q-500. Is that correct?

am i doing this correctly? total output = 1000. output of each firm 20. number of firms 50. ?finding equilibrium price and profits from firms?

perfectly competitive industry. Each firm having identical cost structures. long-run average cost is minimized at an output of 20 units. Minimum average cost is $10 per unit. total market demand is Q=1500-50P. What is the long-run equilibrium price? Total industry output? ...

yes, subscript i. don't know how to type that here. i don't have my equations with me so i'm still not quite sure how to get the equilibrium and profits? (did i do the other correctly?) There is a lot more for this problem too. I will probably be asking more ...

perfectly competitive. So horizontal supply schedule?

This is what I have, qi=20, AC(average cost)=10, and (total market demand) Q=1500-50p. What is the industry's long-run supply schedule?

the big idea of energy
I'm also doing the Iron/Sulpher thing. I've gotta make a poster and I need to explain the reaction using the Big Idea of Energy but I don't know what it is can any one help???

what happens the first time that buck answers the call of the wild? =)

word unscramble
Help me unscramble "laviote"

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