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please help... determine if the argument is valid or invalid along with the appropriate form of argument. if harvard hustles then harvard wins harvard wins ___________________ harvard hustles are these statements: valid by law of detachment valid by law of contraposition ...

Very Important Question!!!
Please can someone tell me of any websites that can help me with algebra graphing, plotting, inequalities, and x & y intercept equations?

Algebra 1
Thanks ms. Sue, I must admit you are one of the best helpers on this website and I really appreciate all of your help. Thank you for your help!!!

algebra 1
please help me solve this problem. The formula R=0.075 + 3.85 can be used to predict the world record in the 1500 meter run, t years after 1930. Determine an inequality that identifies the years in which the world record will be less than 3.7. Solve for t. Thanks

algebra 1
Can someone please help me with this inequality problem -3-8>(4x+8)-8 I have no idea how to solve this problem but I would like to learn. Can you be kind to show me the steps so that I can use this as an example problem for other problems. Thanks!

In a triangle ABC, angle B is 4 times angle A and angle C is 16 degrees less than 5 times angle A. What is the size of angle A _____ B _____ and C _____ I would like to learn this so please be so kind to walk me through the steps. I appreciate you very much!!!

Help me please I get confused with the positives and negatives. Please be kind to check my work and let me know where am I going wrong -4x + 10 = 58 -4x + 10 -10 = 58 -10 (is it - or +10?) -4x = 48 or 68 (do i add 58&10 or sub?) -4x/-4 = 48/-4 or 68/-4 (is the 4 -or+) x=12 or ...

4x-8=12+6x Please help! Thankss!

mat 116
Jen, Im sorry but I'm still confused. Can you please be so kind to show me what you're talking about? I just can't visualize what you're saying. Thanks so much

7/3x + 1/3x = 4x + 48/3 + 8/3x This one is way complicated. Please help me!!! Thank you so much

solve by using multiplication principle -3/7x=6/35 x=______________

solve using the addition principle x + 3/13 = 7/13 what is the solution for x

Thank you very much Jessica. You're awesome!

Please help!!! Determine whether -10 is a solution of the equation 6(x-2)= -70 Is -10 a solution? Thanks for your help