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The volume of a cube is 27cm3. Find the length of edge

Meta and para isomers are more soluble in water than ortho isomer?

Calculus Physics
hey are you from city college


A ball is projected horizontally from the top of a 98m high cliff with an initial speed of 14.4 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the final speed the instant prior to hitting the ground

Determine the launch speed of a horizontally-launched projectile which lands 27.4 meters from the base of a 17.9-meter high cliff.

A soccer ball is kicked horizontally at 16.1 m/s off the top of a field house and lands 37.5 metes from the base of the field house. Determine the height of the field house.


world culture
Explain how so many languages spoken in south asia are related? PLEASE HELP

social studies
thankyou!! :D

social studies
After conquering lands, the aryans would introduce new ideas, beleif systems,languages, and new religions like __________ to the inidenous people. i thought it was hinduism but im not sure :( please help :D

can you be a little more pecific? *sorry didn't know how to spell the word pecific*

to ms.sue
i asked my dad to help me explain this too and he read what you wrote but he doesnt know how to explain this to me either

social studies
im still having a hard time figuring out how they are related

social studies
sorry the questions about social studies

Explain how so many languages spoken in south asia are related?

spanish II
no hay problema

spanish II
no puede ver el exterior y secar la ropa

spanish II
vender alimentos y tender la ropa en una línea de

en la hablar te llame in the call you speak

Spanish 1
all of them i think is son meaning are

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6th grade
12 grams

2nd grade
450 +100 ------ 550 pounds or 550lb

5th grade math
name two fractioneq to 4.6