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7th Math
Seriously, I need help with this question to. Plz someone help me!!!!!!!!!

Language Arts
The answer is a


7th grade math (probability)
I need one on P(7 or 9) if you could help me find it that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help? The school john goes to is selling tickets to the annual dance competition . On the first day of sales the school sold 2 senior citizen tickets and 13 student tickets for a total of $108. The school took in$144 on the second day selling 4 senior tickets and 14 student ...

Science - chemistry
The osmotic pressure of a solution of MgCl2 is 5.43 atm at 25 oC. How much of the salt is dissolved in 250.0 ml of water?

Science - chemistry
The SO2 present in air is mainly responsible for the phenomenon of acid rain. The concentration of SO2 can be determined by titration against a permanganate solution of known concentration as follows: SO2 + MnO4^-1 -> SO4^-2 + Mn2+ (unbalanced) Balance the equation showing ...

Science - chemistry
Calculate the volume of 0.05 M NaOH which must be added to 100 cm3 of 0.05 M methanoic acid to obtain a buffer of pH 4.23. (Ka for methanoic acid = 1.77 x 10-4)

Science - chemistry
Calculate the pH of a solution prepared by adding 36 cm3 of 0.15 M methanoic acid to 27 cm3 of 0.20 M NaOH. (Ka for methanoic acid = 1.77 x 10-4)

An 80 kg man is put into a tank of water. When completely submerged he displaces 75 L of water. If fatty body tissue has an average density of 0.9 kg/L and non-fatty body tissue has an average density of 1.1 kg/L, what percentage of the man is composed of fat?

A jet engine produces a sound level of 150 dB from a distance of 30 m (assuming spherical dissipation). The average human ear has an effective area of 12.0 cm2. What is the sound level at 60 m from a jet engine is? What would the power intercepted by an unprotected ear at 60 m...

find the minor axis 1x^2+36y^2=1

Find all values of x such that x-6, x+6, and 10 x -6 form a geometric sequence. Give your answers in increasing order

Find x such that -8 x - 3, 3 x - 1, and 2 x + 49 are consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence. x=?

24 cm

Reduction half-reaction for 2Li(s)+2H+(aq)→2Li+(aq)+H2(g).

what can an element's osition in the periodic tabletell you about it's relationship to other elements in the periodic table?

i have no idea that is why I came to this website

Yea, but it isn't the entire circle so a circle area formula won't work. The equation for this area will be A= (1/2)r*Given Angle...

Funnel: Tunnel :: (a. bridge b. sack c. ring d. framer) : Cave