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A body oscillates with simple harmonic motion along the x axis. Its displacement varies with time according to the equation x = (1.6m)*sin (?t + ?/3). What is the velocity (in m/s) of the body at t = 1.3 s?

calculate the grammes of oxygen which would be evolved on heating 5g of potassium trioxochlorate(v)

science PLZ HELP
1. A 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. A 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. A 100% Thanks olivia also if anyone has the unit test answers for this unit please provide them

social studies. NEED HELP ASAP

Thank you so much I got a 100% thank you for the help. :D

Help Ms.Sue!!! Social Studies
Thank you so MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I got a 100% thank you thank you!!! :D

Well, Steve sorry to steal your thunder, but it would actually be 4.8 cm if it was 48mm high. Because you would have t convert itinto centimeters because the answer for the question requires that it be in centimeters. Your welcome Valina, I had kinda got lost for a moment too...

Hi! Does anyone have a very difficult exercise on future tenses (will,going to and present continuous)? Almost impossible to solve? It can be some kind of a text, or typical gap exercise but it has to be for B2 or C1. I have checked almost the entire Internet but everything is...

western civilization
Niccolo Machiavelli, author of "The Prince", is considered to be the first modern political theorist. Why is Machiavelli considered the first modern political observer and discuss his ideas on the relationship between the Prince and God; the importance of honesty in ...

western civilization
discuss the reasons for Martin Luther’s break with the Catholic Church and his “radical” views on the role of the Papacy, the road to salvation, and the special nature of the priesthood

need to unscramble these letters and make a sentence: hinhakinyteftiditelt

Even though, it is almost summer we still have overcast skies and light rain.

7. A recent study investigated the effects of a "Buckle Up Your Toddlers" campaign to get parents to use the grocery cart seat belts. When gathering baseline data prior to the campaign, investigators observed 86 out of 640 parents buckling up their toddlers. Assume ...

A random sample of the houses in a particular city is selected and the level of radon gas is measured for each house in the sample. The values collected are given below in parts per million (ppm). Experience has shown that radon gas level is approximately normally distributed ...

One method for estimating the availability of office space in large cities is to conduct a random sample of offices, and calculate the proportion of offices currently being used. Suppose that real estate agents believe that of all offices are currently occupied, and decide to ...

According to internal testing done by the Get-A-Grip tire company, the mean lifetime of tires sold on new cars is 23,000 miles, with a standard deviation of 2500 miles. a) If the claim by Get-A-Grip is true, what is the mean of the sampling distribution of for samples of size...

In a study of termite populations in Swaziland, the following data were gathered on the percentage of termites that were classified as "major workers" at seven randomly selected sites:37.6 20.0 28.8 29.9 51.9 13.6 34.5 29.0 a)Use the given data to produce a point ...

Intergrated physics and chemistry
Wrong answer I tried 137N and it didn't work. The correct answer is 1,370N.

x^3 - x^2 - 14x +24

Factor the polynomial X^3 + 7x^2 +15x + 9 I tried factoring by grouping. I got stuck at this part: x^2 ( x + 7 )...

If 6x - 3y= 30 and 4x= 2-y then find x+y.

basic math
Identify the rate, base, and amount in the following applications. Do not solve the applications at this point. 22% of Shirley’s monthly salary is deducted for withholding. If those deductions total $209, what is her salary?

basic math
question 1 x/32=7/8 and question 2 y/12=5/0.6 please help

basic math
Determine if the given rates are equivalent. 9in/57 miles = 6 in/38 miles

A man pushing a mop across a floor causes it to undergo two displacements. The first has a magnitude of 152 cm and makes an angle of 125° with the positive x axis. The resultant displacement has a magnitude of 150 cm and is directed at an angle of 35.0° to the positive...

Calculate the volume ( L ) of the solute C3H8O3 and the mass ( g ) of the solvent H2O that should be added to produce 6050 g of a solution that is 1.17 m C3H8O3.

chemistry(can anyone help me with this)
Which of the following is NOT true? A. Except for absorbance, most measurements contain significant figures and units. B. All numbers should be recorded from a digital readout. C. The uncertain digit is estimated between the last two markings. D. If an average of 4 trials is ...

Select all cases in which the units comprising the solid are best classified as ions? P4 Mg(ClO3)2 Ge Pb(NO3)2 Ag C2H4O2

The Rydberg equation (1=Rni 2–Rnf 2) can be treated as a line equation. What is the value of nf as a function of the slope (m) and y-intercept(b)? A. –mb^2 B. (–m/b)^(1/2) C. m/b D. (m/b)^(1/2) E. (mb)(1/2) F. None of these are correct.

i got this question already, thanks

The hydrogen emission spectrum has four series (or sets) of lines named Balmer, Brackett, Paschen, and Lyman. Indicate the energy (infrared, ultraviolet, or visible), the nf value for each series, and all possible ni values up to 7

social studies
i need help trying to write a limerick on goerge washington or thomas jefferson

sociolinguistics-one more question
i forgot to ask one more thing..what is a regional dialect?i can't find anything about that A regional dialect is the use of certain words and accents peculiar to a given region. Y'all, for instance, marks a southern U.S. speaker. The pronunciation of some words such ...

does anyone know what a superposed language is? To superpose is to place something OVER something else. In this case, if you are talking about a language, you would be taking a new language and making it the language of common usage. Example, if you are an immigrant into the ...

king arthur
i need help....!!i need to explicite king arthur's court...can anyone help me..i am not allowed tu use the internet...i have to read description of arthur's court from sir gawain and the green knight..and write about the can anyone help me??? http://www.hti....

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