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Home inspector
By nature, the home inspection business does not provide A. inspection reports to assist the client in making a buy or no-buy decision. B. both general and detailed information on homes and commercial properties. C. the client with a positive inspection report, omitting any ...

Child day care
A Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate is initially valid for 3 years. After that, it needs to be renewed every A. 5 years. B. 1 year. C. 3 years. D. 10 years.

Child day care
One example of a form that would be created for staff at a child care center is a/an A. enrollment application. B. billing notice. C. diaper check record. D. fingerprint form. My answer is D, but I'm not sure.

The sum of the first two terms of an arithmetic series is 13 and the sum of the four terms is 46. Determine the first six terms of the series and the sum of the first six terms.

Signals & Systems
The suspension system of a car is modelled by the following differential equation: M*((d^2*y)/(d*t^2) + D*(dy/dt) + Ky( t ) = x( t ) where y(t) is the vertical position of the car body, x(t) is the external force coming from the ground acting on the car body, M is the mass of ...

Criminal Justice
What are some strengths and weaknesses of the evidence surrounding genetics and crime

malcolm x collwege
how many liters of 0.542 are ml

Social Studies
in ancient Athens Greece tribes and general took turns in power. this is an example of what type of political system?

5th grade language

algebra 1
7a+[4a-6b-(8a+2b)] ok so you would get this 7a+[4a-6b-8a-2b]<--- distribute the negative therefore 7a-4a-8b 3a-8b<---solution

algebra 1
a+(3a-2a)-(4a-3b) Combine the "a" tems and you can reduce this to _?_a + 3b. You do the math.

Algebra ??
Rate of selling price= Rate of _____+ Markup Rate