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The density of a certain type of plastic is 0.89 g/cm3. If a sheet of this plastic is 10.0 m long, 1.0 m wide, and 1.0 cm thick, what is its mass?

How do you complete the following by writing products? #1.Ca(OH)2+MgCl

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An ultrasound pulse from a boat is directed at the sea floor. Ultrasound travels at 1400 m/s. The pulse take 0.5 seconds to return to the boat. What is the depth of the sea in this area?

algebra.. HELP ME!!
Whoever, 'Mrs. Sue' is, is not a teach, you idiots, the answer is wrong, people are such retards these days.

mrs. karson's music class includes both 6th and seventh graders. the ratio's of 6th graders to students ine the class is 4:7. there are 9 seventh graders in the music class how many students sre in the class?

Solve the system of equations by the substitution method X+9y=32 2x+4y=8

debating on
is human better than grass (opposed) Grass is better because without it we would be dead right now! The grass gives us oxygen to breathe! GRASS MUCH BETTR