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A fight aircraft needs to emergency land due to engine breakdown. The pilot can control the approach velocity to 250 km/hr when the aircraft tires touch the ground. The best deceleration of its braking system is 10 m/s2 . How long will the runway is required for a safe landing?

A girl inside a room is looking at the window and sees a volleyball passing outside the window of width w and height d. The ball appears from the upper left corner A of the window and disappears at the lower right corner B in t0 second. The girl knows that the ball has been ...

5th grade math
50 out of350studentwho sat a test scored less than 50 marks what percent scored less than 50 marks

You are camping with two friends, Joe and Karl. Since all three of you like your privacy, you don't pitch your tents close together. Joe's tent is 23.0 from yours, in the direction 25.5 north of east. Karl's tent is 38.5 from yours, in the direction 34.0 south of ...

find the perimeter of a triangle if one side is 28 feet , another side is four-ninth the perimeter , and the third side is two-fifth the perimeter.