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Who criticized Abbot Suger's elaborate design for St. Denis?

I was in French for 2 years. The best advice I can give you about your oral final it not look confused. Even if you pronounce it wrong keep going like you didn't. Nobody in the class will know what you're saying anyway. Also, if you are writing it down try not to look ...

What are some similarites and difference between San Vitale and Sant'Apollinaire? I cannot find anything about Sant'Apollinarire.

Egyptian ancient style

Why did ancient style not change much over it's 3,000 year existance?

Who created the Gothic style?

Would some of these people be runaway slaves or serfs?

I meant to ask which ancient african culture produced musical instruments as artwork.

Which ancient produced musical instruments as artwork? I think it was the Nomadic cultures.

art history
Which of the following structure is indigenous in China? >pagodas >obelisks >mastabas or >totem poles? I think the answer is totem poles.

Is the greatest common factor of 4xsquared ycubed, 18xysquared answer - 2xysquared?

or no correlation?

Would a scatter plot relating to the number of sweaters you own and your age have a positive or negative

A family spends 20% of its monthly income on food, 23% on rent, and 42% on other expenses and saves the balance. If the family saves $360 per month, is their monthly income $2,400?

Social Studies
When do revolutions (For example the American, French, and Russian) usually occur? Is it when those in power are resistant to change?

In meiosis what is nondisjunction?

What does "To be great is to be misunderstood" by Emerson mean exactly? I think he meant something along the lines of this: In 1920 in London, at a conference of the world's greatest physicists...someone remarked to Einstein that only three men understood the ...

I don't know how to do this How many moles of water can be made from 4 moles of oxygen gas and 16 moles of hydrogen gas? What is the limiting reagent? Write the balanced equation. 2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O 2 mols H2 + 1 mol O2 will produce 2 mol H2O. So 16 mols H2 will require ...

I just can't do this... Two moles of potassium chloride and three moles of oxygen are produced from the decomposition of two moles of potassium chorate. What is the balanced equation? How many moles of oxygen are produced from twelve moles of postassium chlorate? potassium...

Can you show me how to do this? 2KClO3 -> 2KCl + 3O2 If 5.0(g) of KClO3 is decomposed , what volume of O2 is produced at STP? 5 g KClO3 = ?? mols. ??mols KClO3 will produce how many mols O2? Use the coefficients in the equation to do this conversion. 1 mol O2 occupies 22.4 ...

factor the expression 4xsquared+35x+24 my answer: (4x+3)(x-8) 4x2 +35x+24= 24 = 2x12 24 = 4x6 24 = 8x3***** (4x+3)(X+8) 4X2 + 3X + 32X +24 + 4XSQ. + 35X + 24

y varies directly with x If x=52 when y=130, find x when y=140 i got 61 x/52 = 140/130 x= 52(140/130) Put 52(140/130) in the google search window.

Which of the following best explains why the "recall" provision was an important election reform? a) it allows voters to remember what measures are on the ballot. b) it allows for removal of an elected offical from office. c) it allows a vote on a measure again if ...

evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. 4(3h-6)-3(4h+5)/6+h ; h=-3 i think it's -37 I believe you made a mistake somewhere. Check your steps. 4[3(-3)-6]-3[4(-3)+5] --------------------- 6-3 Let's do the top, first. 4[-9-6]-3[-12+5] 4[-15]-3[-7] -60...

us history
which of the following best describes an example of how Progressives worked? a) they worked to free businesses from unnecessary government restraint. b) they worked to make government more responsive to people. c) they allowed govenment leaders more independence from ...

Solve the system 9x-5y=119 18x-10y=238 Double both sides of the first equation and you have 18x-10y =238 which is the same as the second equation. Since the two equations are not independent, there are no unique solutions. Thee are an infinite number of pairs of x and y that ...

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