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  1. math

    how to d/dx x^2/(x-1)^(1/2)? [ans: (x(3x-4))/(2(x-1)^(3/2))but i get (x(3x-4))/(2(x-1)^(5/2))].
  2. math

    i really don't understand why this 1-lim 3/(y+4) [the lim is x->infinity] the ans is 0 while this 2-lim (7-6x^5)/(x+3) [x->+infinity ] is - infinity. can anyone explain why the 1 is zero & the 2 is infinity.
  3. chem

    a mixture of 50g of S & 1x10^2g of Cl2 reacts completely to form S2Cl2 &SCl2. Find the mass of S2Cl2 formed.
  4. phy

    A force of magnitude 7.50 N pushes three boxes with masses m_1 = 1.30 kg,m_2 = 3.20 kg, and m_3 = 4.90 kg .The mass is side by side. 1-Find the magnitude of the contact force between boxes 1 and 2, and 2-Find the magnitude of the contact force between boxes 2 and 3. *the ...
  5. pre-algebra

    jack brought 3 items that cost 25 dollars each, and five items that cost 40 dollars each. what was the total cost, including 5% sales tax?
  6. bio

    would these substances pass easily through the pores of dialysis tubing? and EXPLAIN why. 1-glucose 2-na^+ 3-insulin 4-estrogen 5-hydrogen ion
  7. phy

    An archer shoots an arrow horizontally at a target 14 m away. The arrow is aimed directly at the center of the target, but it hits 52 cm lower. 1-What was the initial speed of the arrow?
  8. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of AgI in pure water. molar solubility=9.2*10^-9 M 0.14 M NaCN; Kf for Ag(CN)2- is 3.0*10^2
  9. Chemistry

    Describe how you could find the % by mass of water in the hydrate CuSO4Ÿ5H2O assuming that you did not already know the formula. Be specific and list the laboratory procedural steps you would take in the order that you would perform them.
  10. physica

    what is an example of a lab where you measure conservation of momentum? Please don't give the car example or ball pendulum because those are too difficult to understand.
  11. biology

    the second one is correct
  12. biology

    1. b hypo swelling hyper skinny iso same
  13. Physics

    If you try to push an object that is 10 times heavier than you would there be static or kinetic friction? ( the heavy object doesn't move if even you use force) -I know that there is no kinetic friction because the object is not moving. I am not sure about static friction.
  14. Medical Coding and Billing

    I need help I have to write a research paper on compare and contrast Mac vs PC. Which one is better for the medical field and Why? I don't know where to start looking can you please help me
  15. Math - Trig

    Let Vector V(t) = 2pi t î + 2pi t ĵ. Find the vector V(1/3). Where is the vector after the next 1/3s? What is the angular speed?
  16. Economics

    Risk rate is 2%, expected inflation rate is 3%, what is the nominal interest rate?
  17. Math

    If the Risk Free Rate is 2% and the expected inflation rate is 3%, what is the nominal interest rate? Please show formula.
  18. biography

    and also, im on an ipod, and suck at typing. -sorry
  19. biography

    Thank You!
  20. maths

    Help please. Solve the following equation. 9x+1=13+7x
  21. maths

    Please can someone assist. What is the equation of the line that passes through the point (-2,3) and is perpendicular to the line 10x+2y=3. Thank you.
  22. math

    so what did you get for the answer?
  23. Health Insurance 2

    I'm doing a research paper on utilization management what is a good web site I can go to to find out everything there is about utilization management thank you
  24. Medical Coding and Billing

    I need help on my research paper its on Compare and Contrast Utilization Management and Case Management. Which one helps patients more? I don't know how to start my paper Do you know of a website where I can find out all I need to know about utilizatio mangement Thank you
  25. College Math

    Movies A survey of 350 customers was taken at Regal Cinemas in Austin, Texas, regarding the type of movies customers liked. The following information was determined. • 196 liked dramas. • 153 liked comedies. • 88 liked science fiction. • 59 liked dramas and...
  26. Chemistry (on gas laws)

    What is the mass of 3.91 L of fluorine gas at STP?
  27. marketing

    what advice or business insight do u feel is best and explain why
  28. maths

    Which angle between 0° and 360° has the same cosine as the angle 58°? give your answer as an integer. how do i do this please?
  29. chemistry

    90.92% of the atoms have a mass of 19.988 u, 0.26% of the atoms have a mass of 20.983 u and 8.82% of atoms have a mass of 21.978 u. Calculate the average atomic mass of this element
  30. University of Phonenix

    Disputes that arise when one person has registered a domain name that is an existing trademark or company name are settled by the
  31. maths

    Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation x^2-7x+9=0 I've tried to do this manytimes but can't seem to get it. I've other questions like it so if someone could talk me through this one maybe i'd understnad the method better thanks.
  32. math

    3x=13x=96 -6x-11x=-136 6.4x-2.3x=-65.6
  33. HCR/220

    HCR 220 week 6 Applying Level II HCPCS Modifiers can anyone help with this Portable home oxygen unit Emergency ambulance transport and extended life support Non-electric wheelchair Intravenous catheter line Laboratory certification, cytology specimens Chest x-ray Prosthetic ...
  34. Math

    1st grade math worksheet says Write some names for 12, what does this mean?
  35. math

    because it had a yacht to offer
  36. maths

    The probability of getting a blue ball is 2/3 from a bag containing 6 blue and 3 red balls. 12 red balls are added to the bag then find the probability of getting a blue ball
  37. maths

    Expand the brackets in the following expression (5y-3)^2 My answer is 5y^2-3^2 The answer i worked out seems to simple but is it correct? If not can someone tell me what i need to do. thanks
  38. maths

    I don't understand what to do at all, I've several like this if someone could explain this one i could maybe undersatnd what to do with the rest. Thanks!! "Factorise, then solve the equation x^2=5x-36=0 then explain how you could use your answer to solve 5x^2+25x-...
  39. calculus

    Let C(q) be the cost, and R(q) be the revenue of producing q items. If C′(23) =62 and R′(23) =57 then approximately how much profit is earned by item number 24?
  40. Math 1428

    How do you find the interval form of 6x=2<8x-3
  41. physics PLEASE HELP!

    The coefficient of kinetic friction between a suitcase and the floor is 0.26. If the suitcase has a mass of 70.0 {kg}, how far can it be pushed across the level floor with 680 {J} of work?
  42. Math

    24*12*3=864 in (thats the volume in inches) 864*2.54=2194.56 cm
  43. Algebra

    In the graphing problem 3y=2x-9 m=? b=? What do m and b stand for? How do I solve?
  44. science

    what is the periodic table
  45. Physics

    Oh, okay. Because we see the rainbow, it proves that diamond has a slightly different index of refraction for the different colours...
  46. Physics

    What observation shows that diamond has a slightly different index of refraction for each of the various colours of the spectrum?
  47. Physics

    I don't get how currents relate to a wall shimmering...
  48. Physics

    they move like waves?
  49. Physics

    Hot air rises over a heated stove element. The wall behind the stove appears to shimmer. Explain.
  50. Physics

    I'm not given an angle though. Do I just make one up?
  51. algebra

    Quadratic Formula: -b (± square root b^2 - 4ac)divided by 2a Sub in the numbers. a = 1 b = 4 c = 1
  52. please help with physics!!

    A 0.55-{kg} croquet ball is initially at rest on the grass. When the ball is struck by a mallet, the average force exerted on it is 220 N. If the ball's speed after being struck is 3.2 m/s, how long was the mallet in contact with the ball?
  53. math- check me

    multiply! you will never divide when there is an absolute value :)
  54. physics

    A 0.55-{kg} croquet ball is initially at rest on the grass. When the ball is struck by a mallet, the average force exerted on it is 220 N. If the ball's speed after being struck is 3.2 m/s, how long was the mallet in contact with the ball?
  55. math

    there will be 18 dogs in may 2010. if you start off with 4 dogs in october, you constantly add 2 dogs every month until may, which will be 18
  56. math

    How can i decipher the following message: Ihcahvgf ikjdq whph ajsparthc oy slh egus slgs slh Kfc Shqsgihjs ukjsgajhc chfaohpgsh gjc kovaktq hxgimfhq ke upymskrpgmly. Ekp hxgimfh, slh Kfc Shqsgihjs ajuftchq mahuhq ke shxs hjupymshc wasl gsogql, g spgcasakjgf ekpi ke Lhophw ...
  57. physics

    A man leans over the edge of a cliff and throws a rock upward at 4.9 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, two seconds later the rock's speed is what?
  58. College American History

    Justification to convert them to this right?
  59. College American History

    Why did the Spanish stress the cruelty and barbarism of Aztec culture?
  60. English

    Which word should I chose in the following sentence: One day, I decided to make a real/really fine dinner for my family.
  61. Math Please Help!!

    your answer is correct.
  62. Anatomy and Physiology

    the punch didn't connect. The correct charge that Dr. Bob would have been successful with would be attempted battery.
  63. Math 157

    I assume you're trying to say 15 sq. yards is equal to X sq. feet. To solve, you need to know that 1 sq. yard = 9 sq. feet (there are 3 feet to a yard). With that information, you should be able to solve..... If not, the answer is 135 sq. feet
  64. Algebra

  65. 8th grade Science

    In ionic bonds, what is the answer to these? Li + P and Rb + As and Pb + F and Bc + N ??
  66. 8th grade Science

    How do I show work for Si + Cl ?? The answer is SiCl with a little 4 down below the Cl. but I don't know how to show the work.
  67. algrebra

    Suppose the speedometer in your car reads 55.0 mph. What is your speed in m/sec? (1km=0.621 mi)?
  68. Child care

    Sorry i was talking about number 3: sorry i am in middle school and we are takin pre Teaching classes and we are on this lesson about childcare. So that was part of my home-work.
  69. Child care

    UM... Erin sits up by herself and is fed!!
  70. Child care

    CHildren are able toeat different food at ages due to their development slkills based on your knowledge of mouth patterns head and body skills and abilities place the following four events in the correct order. 1: Erin gets food into her mouth with a spoon and can hold her onw...
  71. Chemistry

    How many grams of nitrogen monoxide gas can be produced from 80.0 ml of 4.00 M HNO3 and excess Cu? 3Cu(s)+ 8Hno3(aq)-> 3Cu(NO3)2(aq)+4H2O(/)+2NO(g)
  72. 12th grade international business

    What is a domestic pricing model?
  73. science

    How much force will a tennis racket need to exert on a tennis ball, with a mass of .67 kg, to make it accelerateat a rate of 5,600m/s^2?
  74. PHI

    4. <11{1[2(06)06]}> Reporter: A new campaign finance reform bill being considered by Congress would limit the amount of campaign contributions that political candidates can receive. However, a survey of candidates running for mayor, governor, and senate seats shows that ...
  75. calculus

    The strength of a rectangular beam is proportional to width*depth^2. What are the dimensions of the strongest rectangular beam that can be cut out of a 12 inch diameter log?
  76. calculus

    A line in the first quadrant is tangent to the graph of y=1/x^2. How can we minimize the area between the line and the axes?
  77. Physics

    A 156 g hockey puck is attached to a rubber band and rotated with an angular speed of 9.2 rad/s on frictionless horizontal ice. It takes a force of 1.22 N to stretch the rubber band by 1 cm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (a) ...
  78. Physics

    A platform of mass 0.83 kg is supported on four springs (only two springs are shown in the picture, but there are four altogether). A chunk of modeling clay of mass 0.65 kg is held above the table and dropped so that it hits the table with a speed of v = 0.91 m/s. The clay ...
  79. Physics

    I need help with part b, c, and d please! A 45 g mass is attached to a massless spring and allowed to oscillate around an equilibrium according to: y(t) = 1.4 * sin( 4 * t ) where y is measured in meters and t in seconds...
  80. Physics

    I got part a and b, but not c. We are trying to find delta T in part c, but I'm still confused on where to start even with the help. (a) An iron block of the mass 1.2 kg is suspended on a spring of the spring constant 140 N/m, and merged into a vessel with 5 liters of ...
  81. business law

    Select a dispute that arises in a business or commercial situation. a. What ADR process would be best suited to resolve this dispute? Explain why. b. What processes would not be suitable? Why not? Avoid selecting a dispute mentioned by other students.
  82. english

    write two paragraph explaining the changes that you would make to revise the paper.
  83. Accounting

    Mabel, Loretta and Margaret are equal parters in a local resturant. The resturant reports the following items for the current year. Revenue-600,000 Business expenses-310,000 Investment expenses-150,000 short-term capital gains-157,000 short-term capital losses-213,000 Each ...
  84. mat 156

    The following algorithm give a correct answer 488 +_65_ 5^1 5^1 3 Explain why the algorithm works
  85. math

    Farmer Frank's pumpkin patch had 360 pumpkins and he was searching for perfect pumpkins to sell at his farm stand. As he walked through his pumpkin patch, he noted the following: Every third pumpkin had no stem. Every sixth pumpkin was too small. Every fourth pumpkin was ...
  86. Chemistry

    A 25 mL sample of wine is found to have a concentration of acetic acid of 0.23 M. If this was titrated with a 0.16 M NaOH solution how many mL's of NaOH would be required?
  87. Eccpmonics

    What % of Americans have a net worth of $750,000?
  88. chemistry

    How many grams of NH3 form when 27.5L of H2 (measured at STP)react with N2 to form NH3 according to: N2(g) + 3H2 (g) = 2NH3 (g)
  89. college chemistry

    I need to understand how to make a net ionic equation using the following elements: Sr++, Hg2, NaCl Or these: NH4, Ca++, K2SO4 I was not given the products of the reactions.
  90. college

    I need to write a net ionic equation for Sr{2+}+ Hg2 + NaCL =
  91. 7th grade

    unable to get a book on frankenstein for homework tonight need answers on these questions. what do the three men tell the judge? who did they murder in the water? who is responsible and how did they do it? what happens to frankstein when he sees the dead body where does he go ...
  92. Math

    Jim uses his calculator to see if a number n having eight or fewer digits is divisible by a number d. He finds that n÷d has a display of 32. Does d|n? Why?
  93. 6th grade math

    How many 1/6s are in 1? How many 1/6s are in 1/2 ?
  94. Chemistry

    what does -82800 mean?
  95. Chemistry

    yes 1 atm right?

    Which of the following gases will occupy the smallest volume at 300 K and 760 torr and why? 80 g diatomic oxygen 80 g methane 80 g hydrogen fluoride All gases will occupy the same volume
  97. chemistry

    A volume of 0.285 L of a gas at STP weighs 0.537 g. Calculate the molar mass of the gas? PV=nRT where R = 0.0821. Therefore, (1)(0.285) = n(0.0821)(273). i got 275.9 is this correct?
  98. Prob and Stats

    To estimate the mean height population of male students on your campus, you will measure and SRS of students. Heights of people the same sex and similiar ages are close to normal. You know from government data that the standard deviation of the heights of young men is about 2....
  99. Gym

    how can 5 students stand on a mat and without stepping on the floor flip it over?
  100. math

    what is 33 and one third percent of 600
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