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  1. Physics

    Calculate the impulse (in kgm/s) received by a football when it's kicked in a kickoff. The ball has a mass of 0.27 kg and travels a horizontal distance of 68 m. The ball is kicked at an angle q of 20.5 with the horizontal and spends 2.276 seconds in the air.
  2. Psychology

    The question that I have is how is a positive reinforcement going to teach a child or person not to repeat the wrong behavior.
  3. science

    products are chemically different from reactants
  4. grammar

    Select the correct sentence: a. We will retreat the patient after we re-create his chart. b. We will retreat the patient after we recreate his chart. c. We will re-treat the patient after we re-create his chart. d. We will re-treat the patient after we recreate his chart. I am...
  5. Grammar

  6. Grammar

    1.Select the correct sentence: a.She is younger than him and me. b.She is younger than he and me. c.She is younger than him and I. d.She is younger than he and I. 2. Select the correct sentence: a. They, theirselves, had a happy holiday celebration. b. They, themselves, had a ...
  7. physics

    want to bring a weight of 1 kg suspended at a height of 5 feet, slowly down so that it takes 1 min to reach do i make this working
  8. finance

    Suppose a zero-coupon bond is selling for $614.00 today. It promises to pay $1,000 in exactly 10 years with annual compounding. What is the firm’s after-tax cost of debt if this is its sole debt outstanding (assuming the firm is in the 20% tax bracket)?
  9. physics

    23 N
  10. Chemistry

    32g*.45gMg/100gDuralin*1mol/24.305gMg 0.005924707mol Mg
  11. Chemistry

    Duralin is an alloy of aluminium containing 4.5% manganese, 3.5% copper, and 0.45% magnesium. How much magnesium is present in a 32 g sample of this alloy? Answer in units of mol
  12. Pre-Algebra

  13. pre-Algebra

  14. math

    Eric is putting together alien toys called zerg and Borges for the display window in a toy store. He has a box of alien body parts that contains 45 heads and 55 feet. Each zerg must have one head and three feet.each Borg must have four heads and two feet. How many zergs and ...
  15. Biology

    1. Given the following concordance rates, is the identified trait primarily genetic or environmental? Explain. MZ Twins DZ Twins Height 0.94 0.44 Measles 0.95 0.87 Migraine headaches 0.80 0.39 Body fat percentage 0.73 0.22
  16. Biology

    The intracellular fluid concentration is 300 mOsm/kg. The extracellular fluid concentration is 280 mOsm/kg. The net movement of water is in which direction?
  17. Biology

    The intracellular fluid concentration is 300 mOsm/kg. The extracellular fluid concentration is 280 mOsm/kg. The net movement of water is in which direction?
  18. Biology

    Thank you for the site that does give me ideals of what is needed just wasn't sure.
  19. Biology

    Draw a Punnett square to demonstrate the inheritance of cystic fibrosis with both parents being carriers
  20. Biology

    The father of a mating pair expresses Huntington disease. The mother is healthy. What is the recurrence risk for the offspring? Draw a Punnett square to demonstrate the inheritance.
  21. Acc/230

    Provide an example from the text or the Internet that demonstrates a situation in which a company’s net profits appeared good in the statements, but the gross or operating profits presented a different picture. Discuss how this might have occurred. Respond to the ...
  22. Chemistry

    1. calculate the volume of concentrated HNO3 (68%)that is needed to prepare stock solution 0.25M in 1000mL volumetric flask. (density HNO3 = 1.513 g/cm^3) 2. from above stock solution, determine volume needed to dilute to 500mL volumetric flask that contained 10 times dilution.
  23. Spain

    I don't have a book, its on backordered and I have homework to do.
  24. Spain

    What cultural aspects of the Moors can be found in Córdoba and other Southern cities in Spain?
  25. Spain

    After the Visigoths, what group invaded the Iberian Peninsula? How long did their reign last?
  26. Social Studies

    How did the Visigoths, who practiced Christianity, come to practice Catholocism?
  27. Social Studies

    Who were the Visigoths and what was their most important contribution to Spanish culture
  28. Spain

    Who were the Visigoths and what was their most important contribution to Spanish culture?
  29. Europe

    What is unique about the geography of Spain compared to other European countries?
  30. math

    1. Consider the following scenario: A random sample obtained from a population has a mean of µ=100 and a standard deviation of σ = 20. The error between the sample mean and the population mean for a sample of n = 16 is 5 points and the error between a sample men and...
  31. math

    1. A sample of n=20 has a mean of M = 40. If the standard deviation is s=5, would a score of X= 55 be considered an extreme value? Why or why not?
  32. MATH

    A protected area was stocked with 1500 deer of a certain species in 1995. The deer population in 2010 was found to be 3350 deer. Let t be the number of years after 1195. Find the deer population at t=3
  33. calculus

    find a point on the curve x^3 + y^3 =2xy other than the origin at which tangent line is horizontal
  34. English

    The actions of many of the characters in The Crucible spring from a complex web of motivations. Some of the characters later decide that they have chosen the wrong action and change their behavior. This switch is, again, often motivated by a number of factors. Compose a one-...
  35. math

    If you begin with 3000 fish in a pond and 20% die off each year, yet 1000 more are added each year, how many would you end up with at the end of 10 years?
  36. Math

    Six friends want to buy pizza and need to decide between two deals. The first deal is for two pizzas for $7.00 each for a pizza with a 10 inch diameter. Or a second deal with one pizza with a 14 inch diameter for $15.00. The friends decide to buy the offer with the most pizza ...
  37. Psychology

    Kara heard the noise, but could not understand what was being said. Perhaps it was simply the humming of the machines that she heard? She was uncertain whether she should move toward or away from the sound. Kara is having difficulty with: A. sensation. B. perception. C. ...
  38. Psychology

    i know but there is no REM in the list. REM is stage % This only list 1-4
  39. Psychology

    im thinking stage one bcuz he was 5 mins into his sleep. Now he was Dreaming which is Stage 5 REM
  40. Psychology

    Uncle Billy fell asleep in front of the television again. Five minutes later a noise from the kitchen awakened him. He sat up looking a bit dazed and explained, "I was having something like a dream. I saw my first bicycle, Old Blue, just as bright and shiny as it was when...
  41. Psychology

    Young adults in their early twenties spend: A. ten percent of their total sleep in stage 1. B. 20 percent of their total sleep in stage 2. C. half of their total sleep in stage 2. D. half of their total sleep in stage 3. Answer C
  42. Psychology

    When physical energy has resulted in a response in a sense organ, it is clear that: A. perception has taken place. B. the activation is the result of stimulus. C. the brain has interpreted the event. D. a single isolated sense is now perceiving the event. Answer:A
  43. management science

    Suppose the results of an IQ test are normally distributed, with a mean of 10 and a standard deviation of 16. If 150 people took the test, how many do you expect would score between 95 and 130?
  44. Math (Algebra)

    John=112 beads Bob=91 beads Dale=70 So john have 42 bead more than Dale
  45. Language Arts

    Which poem compares an athlete's drive to compete to a wild animal? A."The Women's 400 Meters" B."To James" C."Slam, Dunk, & Hook" My answer is C.Am I right?
  46. 6th grade grammar

    Put brackets [ ] around the adverb in each of the following sentences. Write how if the adverbs tell how, when if the adverbs tells when, or where if the adverb tell where the action takes place. 1.Her grandmother said, “You cannot wear it now!” Please Help!
  47. health

    go do yor own humwak
  48. physics

    five joules of work are needed to shift .5 c of charge from one place to another. the potential differences between the places is
  49. physics

    when the voltage across a resistor is v the power delivered is p. if the voltage if doubled to 2v, the power delieverd becomes
  50. physics

    a fish that you are looking at from a boat seems to be 20cm below the water surface. the actual depth of the fish is
  51. physics

    waves in a lake are observed to be 5 cm in length and to pass an anchored boat .8 s apart. the speed of the wave is
  52. physics

    sound can not travel through
  53. physics

    how much energy is stored in a 9 volt battery rated at 10 a hour
  54. physics

    five joules of work are needed to shift .5 C of charge from one place to another. the potential differences between the places is
  55. college physics

    a bus that is traveling at 30.0km/h speeds up at a constant rate of 3.5m/s2. what velocity does it reach 6.8s later?
  56. college physics

    a bicyclist rides off a flat roof at 13.4m/s, the roof is 3.6m above the ground, how far from the edge of the building does the bicyclist land? round the answer to the nearest meter.
  57. physics

    A birthday candle 4 cm high is 10 cm from a converging lens whose focal length is 15cm. Use a ray diagram on a suitable scale(say,1/3 full size) to find the location of the image, its height,and whether it is erect or inverted, real or virtual.
  58. physics

    A coin is placed at a focal point of a converging lens. Is an image formed? If yes, is it real or virtual , erect or inverted, larger or smaller than the object?
  59. physics

    A leaf frozen into a pond in winter is 40mm below the surface of the ice. How far does the leaf seem to be ?(n=1.31)
  60. physics

    a picture frame 25 kg hung over a nail by a string attatched to two hookes in the upper bar . find tension using parallelogram law
  61. math

    sonya spent 3/8ths of her money and had 15 dollars left what did she start with
  62. Business Law

    Agile Corporation borrows $1 million from Hi Finance Company (HFC). Agile signs a financing statement that describes the collateral, its inventory and proceeds, and HFC files the statement in the appropriate state office. Using the same collateral, Agile later borrows $500,000...
  63. business math

    Janet Home went to Citizens Bank. She borrowed $7,000 at a rate of 8 percent. The date of the loan was Sept 20. Janet hoped to repay the loan on Jan.20. Assuming the loan is based on ordinary interest, Janet will pay back interest on Jan.20 is?
  64. business math

    Given interest of $11,900 at 6 percent for 50 days (ordinary interest), one can caculate the principle as?
  65. business math

    Christina Hercher borrowed $50,000 on a 90 day, 8 percent note. Christina paid $3,000 toward the note on day 40. On day 60 she paid an additional $4,000 using the U>S. Rule. Christina's adjusted balance after the first payment is?
  66. business math

    Jnaet took out a loan of $50,000 from Bank of America at 8 percent on March 9, 2006 which is due on July 8, 2006. Using exact interest, the amount of Janet's interest is?
  67. business math

    Joyce took out a loan for $ 21,900 at 12 percent on March 18, 2007. Which will be due on Jan 9, 2008. Use ordinary interest, Joyce will pay back on Jan 9 a total amount.
  68. business math

    Matt Kaminsky owns a new Volvo. His June monthly interest was $400. The rate is 8 1/2 percent. Matty's principle balanve at the beginning of June is ( Use 360 days)
  69. business math

    Joan Roe Borrowed $85,000 at a rate of 113/4 percent. The date of the loan was July 8. Joan is to repay the loan on Sept 14. Assuming the loan is based on exact interest, the interest Joan will pay on Sept 14 is?
  70. math

    use only a compass and a straightedge to construct a segment congruent to CB and angle congruent to U ACB
  71. math

    gabe went to the amusment park with $40 to spend.His ticket cost $26.50.Write and solve an inequality to show how much he might spend on souvenirs and snacks?
  72. 6th grade math

  73. 6th grade math

    n/4 +32=32 I can get it n/4=40 but not sure how to get n by itself????
  74. pysics

    A home run just clears a fence 105m from home plate. The fence is 4.00m higher than the height at which the batter struck the ball, and the ball left the bat at a 31.0 degree angle above the horizontal. At what speed did the ball leave the bat?
  75. physics

    A canon mounted on a pirate ship fires a cannonball at 125 m/s horizontally, at a height of 17.5m above the ocean surface. Ignore air resistance. (a) How much time elapses until it splashes into the water? (b) How far from the ship does it land?
  76. physics

    The infamous German "Paris gun" was used to launch a projectile with a flight time of 170 s for a horizontal distance of 122 km. Based on this information, and ignoring air resistance , calculate (a) the gun's muzzle speed and (b) the angle, measured above the ...
  77. 6th grade math

    Unable to help my child with this problem... 71.33=9/5k-459.67 solving for k
  78. Math

    198 inches or 396/2
  79. Chemistry

    Consider the following equilibrium at 395K: NH4HS(s)<-> NH3(g) + H2S(g) The partial pressure of each gas is 0.265 atm. Calculate Kc for the reaction.
  80. College Math

    What is the PROCUREMENT cost of the below system? Cost Types Cost (in millions) Research/Development $400 Procurement of Prime mission $800 Procurement of support equipment $100 Procurement of Initial Spares $100 Operations & and Support $70,000 Disposal $100 ANWERS! (a) 800 ...
  81. finance

    no answer
  82. finance

    Assume a $1,000 face value bond has a coupon rate of 8.5 percent, pays interest semi-annually, and has an eight-year life. If investors are willing to accept a 10.25 percent rate of return on bonds of similar quality, what is the present value or worth of this bond?
  83. Precalculus

    Anthony is trying to cross the Mississippi river in a kayak. He is traveling due east at 6 ft/second. However there is a current that is traveling due north at 4 ft/sec. find the new speed and direction of Anthony and his kayak. If the distance across the Mississippi is 120 ft...
  84. Pre Algebra

    If I blink 22 times in 10 seconds, how many times would I blink in 1,000,000 seconds. Need an algebraic or? expression to show my calculation. I have an answer of 2,200,000 blinks in 1,000,000 seconds
  85. vocab

    This summer, local children can sigh up for art class or music lessons for a confiscate fee of $3. It's impossible to take both, though, since the classes will be recession
  86. Statistics

    You are wondering whether male or female students pay more for books and materials at the U of C. You find 5 male friends at the U of C and find that they spent an average of $680 with a standard deviation of $5. You find 4 female friends at the U of C and find that they spent...
  87. math

    A business is taking alon to buy equipment. the loan is 40,000, set at 4% interest and will be paid off in 12 years. the bank wants to save the business money by calculatine the interst on a Remainin-Balance basis in case he pays it off early The annual paymentis assumed to be...
  88. Science

    What is the definition of Clarity?
  89. math

  90. Chemical Reaction Engineering

    The following elementary first-order reactions occur at constant density: k1 k2 A --> B --> C k1 = 5 hr-1 k2 = 4 hr-1 CA0 = 1 mol/lit CB0 = CC0 = 0 v0 = 20 m^2/min Find the maximum production rate of B in moles per minute and the optimum  for (a) a plug flow reactor...
  91. Statistics

    In recording the self-reported lengths of a particular body part in a sample of male undergraduates, the largest was claimed to be 20 cm—a full 3 standard deviations from the mean length for the sample. The shortest alleged length was only 10 cm, which was equivalent to ...
  92. organic chemistry

    Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing ease of elution from an activated alumina column: a. Cyclohexane b. Butyl acetate c. Benzoic acid d. M-xylene e. Decyl alcohol
  93. child day care mangement

    developmentally appropriate practices are based upon knowledge of
  94. Math

    Carrie is fencing a sq. garden with 52 sq. ft. of fencing. How many ft of fencing will Carrie use on each side?
  95. physics

    A semi-trailer is coasting downhill along a mountain highway when its brakes fail. The driver pulls onto a runaway truck ramp that is inclined at an angle of 17.0° above the horizontal. The semi-trailer coasts to a stop after traveling 110 m along the ramp. What was the ...
  96. physics

    A projectile of mass 0.840 kg is shot straight up with an initial speed of 22.9 m/s. (a) How high would it go if there were no air resistance? (b) If the projectile rises to a maximum height of only 8.71 m, determine the magnitude of the average force due to air resistance.
  97. physics

    A skier starts from rest at the top of a hill. The skier coasts down the hill and up a second hill, as the drawing illustrates. The crest of the second hill is circular, with a radius of 38.1 m. Neglect friction and air resistance. What must be the height h of the first hill ...
  98. math

    Name a number with decimal hundredths that rounds up to the nearest whole number but down to the nearest tenth
  99. math

    Thanks Ms. Sue
  100. math

    Katrina is having new curtains made for a window in her room. she needs 1.56m of fabric. fabric is sold lengths of whole metres and tenths of metres. how much fabric should she buy? why?
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