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1-7 are B. C. B. C. B. A. D.

Social studies (Help)
correct answers are c b d

Social Studies Help
the correct answer 1-9 are 1d 2d 3b&d 4c 5c 6a&c 7c 8b&d 9c

and the correct answers are... 1-4 d a d b

1.a 2.b 3.c 4.b 5.d

and the correct answers are 1-5 are d a,b,c b a a

Shalee ^~^
1.b 2.c 3.b 4.a

Two children sit 2.60 m apart on a very low-mass horizontal seesaw with a movable fulcrum. The child on the left has a mass of 29.0 kg, and the child on the right has a mass of 38.0 kg. At what distance, as measured from the child on the left, must the fulcrum be placed in ...

Literature question
Also what does this question mean? What deeper meaning might there be?

Literature question
what does intent mean for a poem?

Thanks for all your help you really helped me out!!

Poem: I Hear America Singing By: Walt Whitman
Could you check this question please? Thanks. 1. What is the significance of the poem? (i.e. what does it mean and what impact does it make on the reader?) Answer: The poem "I Hear America Singing," means that all Americans are working happily at there jobs, and ...

I have a question. I need 10 important dates on Walt Whitman if the teacher wants dates and some of the dates only have years. Does the years include dates ? For example: 1823 Whitman's father moves family to Brooklyn I can't find the date so should I just put the year?

Literature/Need Picture
Have you found anything?

Literature/Need Picture
It has to do with Walt Whitman's poem Life but I don't understand the poem is it about armies and there losing there lives??

Literature/Need Picture
Could you help me find a good picture of "Life" I couldn't find anything on google images but maybe you can. Thanks for your help.

how do you separate lumps from the gravy?