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Is Having an education plays a big part in successful financial planning. Correct? Does Having an education plays a big part in successfully planning for the future financially sound better?

The verbs in my sentences are 1. were talking 2. plays 3. are investing 4. will have helped 5. will be planning

Five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, using different verb tense in each sentence with the verb in bold. Can you please tell me if the following sentences are correct? My husband and I were talking about our financial goals. (Past ...

physics varsity
tarzan(85 kg) tries to swing across a river hanging from a monkey rope(10m)long as he reaches bottom of his swing he os travrlling at 8m/s but he doesn't realise the rope has a breaking strength of 1000N.does he make it safely across the river

How many liters of air (78 percent N2, 22 percent O2 by volume) at 20 degrees Celsius and 1.00 atm are needed for the complete combustion of 1.0 L of octane, C8H18, a typical gasoline component that has a density of 0.70 g/mL?

I had the Br on the second due to the 2-bromo, and the ring on the 4th, but it was marked wrong so then I thought perhaps it should have been flipped right to left - which reading left to right would have put the Br on the 4th...I still don't understand though. Im sorry. =/

Trying to figure out how to draw the structure 2-bromo-4-phenylpentane I thought it was a five carbon strong with the ring on the second C and a Br on the 4th - but that's not correct (or not completely correct) What am I doing wrong?

omg that was it! I was missing the extra H on the Cl points. Thank you SO much! I am also trying to draw another one..but I will post it into a separate question in case others need to see that as well. Thanks again!!!

draw the structural formula for 1,3,5-trichlorocyclohexane

what is the role of education in successful financial planning?

An airplane is flying with a velocity of 248 m/s at an angle of 30.0° with the horizontal, as the drawing shows. When the altitude of the plane is 2.8 km, a flare is released from the plane. The flare hits the target on the ground. What is the angle?

algebra 1
what kind of shoes does a frog wear

10th grade
2x-y=-5 -2x-5y=11

Use the echelon method to solve the following system. x/5+3y =31 2x-y/5=8

Solve each equation. Round decimal answers to the nearest thousandth. 5(0.10)^x = 4(0.12)^x

Torque= (F)sinTheta(r) Given: F=55N d= 74cm (converted to M=0.74M) Theta=90degrees. Since, Perpendicular is equal to 90 degrees, sin90 = 1. T=55N(1)(0.74m) Tperpendicular= 41N. 45degrees. T=55(sin45)0.74 T=29N. Hope this will help :)

Assembly Language
Hello, i am new at assembly language and i just got started with this stuff. I have this assignment which doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone please help? I am using Kip Irvine's, Assembly Language for x86 Processors, 6th edition. These are the instructions to ...

computer science (Assembly language)
Hello, i am new at assembly language and i just got started with this stuff. I have this assignment which doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone please help? I am using Kip Irvine's, Assembly Language for x86 Processors, 6th edition. These are the instructions to ...

What role can a bystander play in reducing incidents of bullying?

what is the antecendent and pronoun in the sentence. You have probaly read or heard aesop fables.

Please help with finance question. Thanks What judgment would you make about diversification during an economic recession? An economic expansion?

First explain the difference between sensation and perception. Next define the just noticeable difference and sensory adaptation. Finally give examples of how both the just noticeable difference and adaption play a role in both sensation and perception

Why do you think another mistake doesn't just correct the mutation in an abnormal CF gene? What do you think the chances of this occuring would be? Compare this to the chance of some other event happening

What do you think the embryological steps we see in the early development of the invertebrates tells us about evolutionary history? How did those steps evolve? Please use specific examples and be prepared to defend your answer.

we have to write and present a drama script about 'marginalization' for example homeless people are left out of the society. those with disabilities and those young people under 25 who care for their relatives. they are all positioned outside of the great circle of ...

i have to do a still life about "Music", but i have no idea how to do it. i just know that i'm definitely going to add a guitar but what else? please give some ideas...

can anyone come up with an idea for a short narrative for the poem "In the tube" by Richard Aldington. it has to fill a gap in the poem, in other words it has to say what it hasn't in the poem. the focus is on 'marginalization' i have to write an ...

Translate the problem into a pair of linear equations in two variables. Solve the equations using either elimination or substitution. State your answer for both variables. In a basketball game, Will scored 26 points, consisting only of three-point shots and two-point shots. He...

Which of the following is a subset of set A? A: {children between the ages of 3 and 7} a.children over 7 b.children3 years old c.children of all ages d.children under 3

27.2(m)/t Force m time 11000 8 sec 9520 10sec 12000 7 sec 11500 9sec

27.2(m)/t Force 11000

b.Use your new formula to find the mass of the automobile in kg for each value of force and time given in the table below. Round your answer to the nearest whole number

history -history teacher if poss
for my history homework i need to answer this question Explain why the Peace Settlement was changed in the years 1920-1928. ive looked but can`t find anything its due in tomorrow and i can`t find anything. please can someone help.

Ms Sue-re
just to say a BIG thankyou to you i was abit confused but what you found was a huge help and helped to clear it are a star! thanks again

relgious education
do muslims get baptised/christened. ive looked on some websites on one it says they do and on another it says they donot believe in it. im a bit confused. thanks

5th grade
what is an answer and to explain my answer for 569 divided by 25

make inferences to answer the foeoling question: At which pencil point was oxygen produced? can u help me plz?

home work
what's a sentence for hasten

what's a sentence for column

algebra II
What's the answer I need it asap! 49y2-64

It's urban form. trust me.

A sale at Carney’s Electronics offers a specific model of Sony radio at 20% off the regular price. If the sale price of the radios is $45, what is the regular price?

writeacher psydag bopursley
i just wanted to say a big big thankyou ! for helping me with my assignment. :)

writeacher - re religious education
sorry to be a pain but could you read my essay for me and see if it is okay. my assignment was to write an a4 page about sexism in christianity, islam and judaism. Sexism in religion Some people believe that there is sexism in religion. This is true for some religions, but not...

re-writeacher--religious education
thankyou for helping me i appreciate it. you and matt have helped me alot thanks guys i might ask for help again if i struggle and when i finished my essay. :)

mattsricebowl-religious education
thankyou for replying to my question. it is an actual assignment and i`m thinking the same as you my teacher wants use to think what he does. it is not due in until friday but i know i will struggle with it thankyou for your time. :) :)

religious education
i need to write an essay about is religion sexist? i need to include christianity sikh judaism . thankyou

watiz 19 divided by 219

okay thank you...I am having a hard time starting it off.

can you help me paraphrase this: Obesity means an excess amount of body fat. No general agreement exists on the definition of obesity in children as it does adults. Most professionals use published guidelines based on the body mass index(BMI), or a modified BMI for age, to ...

how does a food web start?

9th grade american government
what's the most accurately describes the force theroy of the orgin of states?

what is classical era and romanticism

in detail words about mozarts use prodigy and genious and chamber in the pargraph somebody pleaseeee help me thanks

compare n contract beethovan and mozart

why did romanticism affect music in italy more slowly than in other countries

I have the same problem. Although I am not begging people to do it for me. I've gone to the local library and gotten books out about the First World War. Children now just rely on the Internet! Go read books!

A sailor in a small sailboat encounters shifting winds. She sails 2.00 km east, then 3.50 km southeast, and then an additional distance in an unknown direction. Her final position is 5.80 km directly east of the starting point. a) Find the magnitude of the third leg of the ...


this is cool u kno that ur doing this

Algebra 1
6x + 54 + 4x = 5x -6 10x +54 = 5x -6 5x = -60 x = -12

yes. let say angles a and b are both 50 degrees and their supplement angle must be 130 degrees in order to make 180 degrees

english essay
please, someone proofread my essay, and help me correct the grammar error i cant spot them. thank you. The war that shouldn't have go on What does a war hero receive when he return home from war? Is it a welcome home hug, a medal of honor, or perhaps a G.I. bill for ...

English paper
what is a concept paper?

A record of travel along a straight path is as follows: 1. Start from rest with constant acceleration of 2.77 m/s^2 for 15 s 2. Constant velocity for the next 2.05 min 3. Constant negative acceleration -9.47 m/s^2 for 4.39 s. (a) What was the total displacement for complete ...

What channel is Wall Street Journal on? (no cable, antenna). I need to watch it by next week. It would great if you could me the tv listings in pacific time.

How would I get the average speed for the complete trip? (38.7 m/s)

Us history
Woodrow wilson was determined to " strike a new note in international affairs... to see that sheer honesty and even unselfishness... should prevail over nationalistic self-seeking in america foreign policy." evaluate in respect of a neutrality in ww1 american ...

It's 1,500 milliters in 1.5 liters

U.S History
I really don't understand why Loudoun was shocked that the "leading people" in the colonies defended their "Liberties" and opposed "royal authority?" ( I really need improvement in my History subjects.) Basically, all those who advocated "...

U.S History
(I don't understand Loudoun's letters about the American colonists.) What is the impression that is made of British soldiers from Loudoun's letters about the American colonists?

In the house on Mango Street why doesn't Esperanza feel Nenny can be her friend? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Nenny is the little sister and older sisters usually tend to consider the younger one a pest. She is also younger than Esperanza's friends.

the rubidium isotope 87Rb is a beta emitter with a half-life of 4.9E10 y that decays into 87Sr. It is used to determine the age of rocks and fossils. Rocks containing the fossils of early animals contain a ration of 87Sr to 87Rb of 0.090. Assuming that there was no 87Sr ...

How much total kinetic energy will an electron-position pair have if produced by a photon of energy 1.48 MeV? Answer in units of MeV. How would I do this? thx.

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