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  1. AP Chemistry

    The reaction of the molecules to produce ethane is C2H4(g) + H2(g) → C2H6(g). A mechanism for this reaction is shown below: (The figures show how the ...
  2. Math

    If the largest angle in a triangle is 70o, what is least possible value of the smallest angle of the triangle? 69o 1o 40o*** 39o 41o Is the correct answer 40?
  3. ap chemistry

    These are the only options! Thank you anyway :)
  4. ap chemistry

    Which of the following rate laws is possible for the following two-step reaction? 1) NO(g) + NO(g) N2O2(g); FAST 2) N2O2(g) + O2(g) 2NO2(g); SLOW Net: 2NO(g) + O2(g) 2NO2(g); A. k[N2O2][NO] B. k[NO]2 C. k[N2O2][O2] D. k[NO][O2] help!!!!! i don't know how to figure this out
  5. Global Village

    How has the physical geography and environment influenced trade and agriculture in Angola?
  6. Global Village

    Ms. Sue Thank you very much That site was very helpful
  7. Global Village

    How have humans modified and adapted to the environment in Angola, Africa?
  8. College Physics

    A mass of 50.0 kg is acted on by only two forces: Force 1 is 650 N to the right, and Force 2 is 520 N to the left. What is the acceleration of the mass in response to these forces?
  9. biology

    in need of journal articles that talk about the structures,characteristics , nutrition,growth and control of bacterias,viruses and eukarya in general...please help
  10. Math

    Find the exact value of the trig function below. cos2Ø if sinØ = 2/5
  11. math

    A restaurant offers a lunch special where you can choose any 3 of a total of 9 dishes. How many different combinations are possible?
  12. MATH

    You need to move all your belongings to your new location. Your company has provided you with three options for your move: DISTNACE: 34 h (3,727.9 km) For your calculations, use an average fuel price of $1.05/L. The fuel consumption rating for your personal vehicle is 7.9 L/...
  13. Math - Related Rates

    Air is being pumped into a spherical balloon at a rate of 2 cubic meters per minute. At what rate is the radius changing when the volume of the balloon is 36pi cubic meters?

    1. what are the differences between white blood cells and antibodies? 2.why is HIV not detected immediately as foreign material once it enters our blood stream or white blood cells? 3.what is the enzyme used by HIV to convert RNA to DNA?
  15. Algebra

    You need to rent a moving truck for two days. Rider Moving Trucks charges $50 per day and $.50 per mile. UMove Trucks charges $45 per day and $0.75 per mile. Write an equation describing each situation. Graph them on the same xy axis. You only need Quadrant I because all ...
  16. biology

    thank you very much
  17. biology

    a. what are the composition in nutrient broth? b. give 5 different types of media used for cultivation of microbes and define each?
  18. chemistry please help

    thank you very much
  19. chemistry please help

    i. only one location of the substituent is represented on the name. ii.i disagree on this one i think the correct name here is 2-methylhexane because the longest chain is 6 carbons long not 5 carbons iii.the parent chain is numbered incorrectly
  20. chemistry please help

    what is wrong with these names?provide the correct name for each. i.2-Dimethylpentane {4] ii.2-Ethylpentane {4} iii.5,5-Dimethyl-3-ethylhexane {4]
  21. Math

    Four subtracted from 3 times a number is 29. Find the number
  22. English

    It doesn't make me really happy. - okay It doesn't make me real happiness? - wrong It doesn't give me real happiness. - okay Why I need to use give on the third sentence and not make to make my sentence correct? Both make and give are verb...but why give?
  23. Math

    For xyz manufacturing the fixed costs are $1200, material and labor costs combined are $2 per unit, and the demand equation is: p=100/?q What level of output will maximize profit? Show this occurs when marginal revenue equals marginal cost. What is the price at the profit ...

    MC= TC - TC(one less) TC= AVC*Q
  25. English

    Pick a character. Talk about it and why you picked it.
  26. Math

    For xyz manufacturing the fixed costs are $1200, material and labor costs combined are $2 per unit, and the demand equation is: p=100/?q What level of output will maximize profit? Show this occurs when marginal revenue equals marginal cost. What is the price at the profit ...
  27. Math

    I have spent a month trying to figure this out.. Thank you. You have saved my life.
  28. Math

    The supply function for a product is 2p-q-10=0, while the the demand function for the same product is (p+10)(q+30) = 7200. Find the market equilibrium point. .. I think q=656.6667 and p= 333.33335 I think D must = S... but I don't know how do do that. Help?
  29. Business Math

    If $4000 is deposited at the end of each year in an account that earns 6.2% compounded semiannually, how long will it be before the account contains $120,000?
  30. Science

    D)The blood of the vessels near the small intestine is often acidic after a meal. suggest a reason for this.
  31. Physics

    12 m/s^2
  32. math

    Inverse of h(x)=7-9cos(-(x+1)). h^-1(x)=? show work please! Thanks.. also accidentally put this as an answer somewhere pls ignore that!
  33. math

    Inverse of h(x)=7-9cos(-(x+1)). h^-1(x)=? show work please! Thanks!
  34. AP CHEM

    A bar of strontium metal is immersed in a 1.0 M copper(ll) nitrate solution. write the net ionic. I have the molecular formula written out but im not sure how to write the net ionic for this single displacement reaction
  35. math work

    evaluate the expression ( 94 93) please help with this! I don't know what to do! ps there is a big bracket that is around the 94 and the 93, i just couldn't enter that into the box.
  36. math work

    find the triple scalar product u . (v * w) for the vectors u = 9i - 7j - 3k v = -6i + j - 5k w = 2i + 8j - 9k
  37. math work

    determine whether the planes are parallel, octagonal or neither a. 4x + 5y + z = -1 3x + 5y - 37z = -3 b. 2x - y - 3z = -5 -2x - 6y - z = 3
  38. math work

    find the minors and cofactors of the matrix [ -3 2 -8 ] 3 -2 6 -1 3 -6
  39. math please help?! studying for test!!

    If x = 9tanθ, use trigonometric substitution to write square root 81 + x^2 as a trigonometric function of θ, where -pi/2 < θ < pi/2
  40. math help?!

    If x = 6sinθ, use trigonometric substitution to write square root 36-x^2 as a trigonometric function of θ, where where 0<θ< pi/2
  41. Physics

    A plane wants to fly east. It is capable of flying at 250 m/s, yet a 50 m/s wind is blowing [SW]. What heading must the plane set and what will be the plane's speed relative to the ground?
  42. calc

    im confused on how you got 8 for the second problem. may you please explain?
  43. calc

    given that ln2=0.7 and ln5=1.6, find: 1) ln(1/25) 2) e^3ln2 - ln5
  44. ELA

    My roblox is SophieElMexicano please friend me and my sister, LuciElmexicano :)
  45. Math

    it would take about 39,682 days
  46. Language Arts

  47. Language Arts

    If there is a SMATTERING of applause at the end of a play, what do you hear? A. just a few people clapping** B. total silence C. half the audience cheering D. everyone clapping loudly
  48. Physics

    The near and the far points of a short-sighted are 8 cm and 20 cm from the eyeball. a) What power of corrective lens is needed for this eye to see distant objects clearly? b)What will the resulting near point then be?(Assume that the lens is placed very close to the eye) ...
  49. Physics

    A decibel meter reads 130 dB at a certain position from a jet plane when one engine is turned on. a) What is the sound intensity at that position? b) What would be the sound level at the same position if two engines are turned on each having the same intensity as the first? ...
  50. Engineering

    A perfect coin should produce heads and tails with equal probability. If we assign the number 0 toheads and the number 1 to tails, then we can mimic such a perfect coin in Matlab. Specifically, we cangenerate N “coin flips” in Matlab by doing x= (rand(N, 1) < 0.5...
  51. Calculus

    Just wondering if anyone can help with this ln question! -Solve the following ln(x+1)+ln(x-1)=2 thanks!!
  52. pigskin

    packers cowboys
  53. Language

    Please i will die if you don't give me answer! !!!!:-( :-( :-( :'( :'( :'( :'( Please
  54. Language

    And you have to choose between this words : Baby_sitter Breakthrough Copyright Earthquake Expressway forehead Keyboeard Loudspeaker Near-sighted Ourselves Part-time Shoplifting Volleyball Worthwhile Wristwatch Bruis Nuisance Pursuit Seized Straight
  55. Language

    I don't have imagination PLEASE help me on this i'm so tired!!!! :'( :'( I'm stupid in language!
  56. Language

    Complite the sentences. A) We headed east on 89 until we crossed the _____ bridge. B) The_____ tournament was being held this year at Morgan secondary school. C) It looked like I would miss my _____ job since i wouldn't get home until after eight. D) Ehen i glanced at the ...
  57. Language

    Sorry to bother you again but i can not find it for tower and phone
  58. Language

    Thank you i will try to do them by myself.thanks again!
  59. Language

    I am not sute but this is on compound words unit so i think that's right thank you so much and can you please see if you can find the answers for puzzle # 2? Thanks
  60. Language

    I really need this answer right now!!!
  61. Language

    Try to sokve this compound puzze. A)(puzzle #1) Cook= book Volley= Express= Fore= Wrist= Loud= Key= B)(puzzle #2) Case= Park= Side= Stone= Tower= Phone= Walk=
  62. math, physics

    A motorboat goes upstream on a river and covers the distance between two towns on the riverbank in 6 hours. It covers this distance downstream in 5 hours. If the speed of the stream is 1.5 km/h, find the speed of the boat in still water. [This problem is challenging.
  63. Comm Tech

    Z is correct for connections academy, got 100%
  64. math

    thank you :)
  65. math

    both jamie and her brother david were born on the same day but david was born three years before jamie how can you represent the relationship between james and david's ages in a table,graph, and equation
  66. factors

    1 2 4 or 8
  67. Tech

    katie is correct for connections academy, got 100%
  68. Technolgy

    bella is right, just finished the quiz
  69. maths

    If it takes 10 men to build a house in 6 months how many would be needed to build it in 4 months

    Why correct or proper use of abbreviations and symbols important in writing?

    why correct pronouns important in writing?
  72. maths

    How do I draw a 64 degree angle in between a 6cm by 5cm triangle please
  73. Math

    Thanks so much!
  74. Math

    A flowerbed is 3 3/4 meters long and 2 meters wide. Uncle James wants to build a border around the flowerbed. The width of the border is 1/2 meter. The cost of building the border is $20 per square meter. How much does Uncle James have to pay to have the border built.
  75. Math

    Puppy A is 3/4 as heavy as puppy B. Puppy C is twice as heavy as puppy A. If the weight of puppy B is 8 pounds, find the weight of puppy C.
  76. Math

    Lily uses 1 3/4 of ribbon to make a knot. She wants to make 9 similar knots for her cousins. How many meters of ribbon does Lily need? Round your answer to the nearest meter.
  77. Math

    Thank you! You make a difference in my life!
  78. Math

    The Smith family drinks 1 4/5 liters of apple juice each day. The apple juice is packed in 2-liter bottles. How many bottles does Mrs. Smith need to buy every week?
  79. english

    It's a...?
  80. english

    17. Identify the choice that correctly completes the sentence: Neither Kurt nor Sue has turned in _______ permission form. their his or her his they're
  81. Chemistry

    The ph of a solution is 9.55 at 25degree celcius. What is the hydroxide-ion in the solution?
  82. Language Arts

    Okay thank u Ms.Sue and are u a real techer
  83. Language Arts

    where do you look up context clues to the meaning of a word
  84. Finance

    you have to replace a copy machine and you have 2 offers. both offers 3 year leases. offer 1 requires an up-front payment of $1700 with additional payments of $1200 at the beginning of years 2 and 3. The firm is also charged one-half of 1 cent, ($0.005), for each sheet printed...
  85. art

    Its c
  86. math

    q=39 r =$41
  87. Art

    Are you sure its A?
  88. Health

    Is it 2?
  89. Foreign Language

    Number 2 and 4 are wrong.
  90. Thermodynamic

    The equilibrium constant of a reaction is determined at 2 different temperatures: at -181°C, Keq = 2770 at -11°C, Keq = 640
  91. Algebra

    The REAL answer is 2.1 because if you add 3.5+2= 3.7 then you subtract 3.7-6=2.1
  92. Math

    He uses 12 bananas, 9 apples, and 18 pears
  93. relativity

    A runs at speed 4c=5 toward B, who is at rest. C is between A and B. How fast should C run so that she sees both A and B approaching her at the same speed? i have tried this but not sure we have to use relativity i thing. else without that i solved and got 2c/5.
  94. Biology

    How do proteins leave the cell?
  95. Geometry

    The measure of an exterior angle of a regular polugon is given. Find the measure of an interior angle. Then find the number of sides. 1) The measure of the exterior angle is x.
  96. CHemistry

    Assuming the final concentration of chloride anion after the addition of HCl (precipitation step) was 0.1M, what is the remaining concentration of Ag+ in the solution? (pKsp for AgCl = 9.74)
  97. Physics

    a) An electron in an atom has a speed of 2.2 × 10^6 m/s and orbits the nucleus at a distance of 5 × 10^-11m. What is its centripetal acceleration? (already solved) 9.68x 10^22 m/s^2 b) A neutron star of radius 17 km is found to rotate at 5 revolutions per second. ...
  98. Physics HELP

    A ball is thrown horizontally at 15 m/s from a clifftop 60 m above the sea level. Find: a) the time to land; b) the angle at which it hits the water; ° below the horizontal c) the speed at which it hits the water.
  99. chemistry

    A sample of gas occupies 17mL at -112 degrees Celsius. Assuming the pressure is held constant, what volume does the sample occupy at 70 degrees Celsius?
  100. Physics

    A ball is thrown at 15.5 m/s at 42° above the horizontal. Someone located 30 m away along the line3 of the path starts to run just as the ball is thrown. How fast, and in which direction, must the catcher run to catch the ball at the level from which it was thrown?
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