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Statistics (binomial random variable)
Let x be a binomial random variable with n = 10 and p = .4 Find the values. P (x›4) P (x≤4) I could really use some examples to help me get started and understand it. Thanks

Assuming a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Calculate the the probability. Draw one card thatis a queen and a heart. is it 4/52 + 13/52 - 1/52 = 16/52 or 4/13 is this right?? Draw one card that is a queen or a heart 4/52 +13/52 - 2/52 =15/52 not sure if I have the right or ...

roll dice
Event A you roll the die and it's even Event B you roll the die and it's less than 5 Roll the die once. What is the probability that Event A will occur given that Event B has alrady occured? would it be 3/4 = .75 or 75% not sure need help and, Roll the die once. what ...

The first one is to draw one card that is either a queen and a heart thanks

On a standard 52 card deck, calculate the probability. that on card is either a queen or a heart draw one card, what is the probability that it is a king, given that it is a club? Thanks