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If d is the sale price, regular price is 4d (d x 4). Todd has 8d (4d x 2). He could buy 8 shirts (8d / d).

Applied calculus
By using appropriate software/programming, sketch the following vector functions: 1) 2cos(2t)i + 2sin(3t)j for t within o to 2pai 2) 16sin^3ti + (13cost - 5cos2t - 2cos3t - cos4t)j for t within 0 to 2pai

Austin is building a rabbit pen with 25 feet of fence. What are the dimensions of the rectangle hr should build to have the greatest possible area

a ferris wheel has the diameter of 240 feet and the bottom of the ferris wheel is 9 feet above the ground. find the equation of the wheel if the origin is placed on the ground directly below the center of the wheel

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