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i figured it out, but thanx for trying...if u were going to try

how do u compare two decimals???

social studies
which european country had a dozen colonies along the atlantic coast

i don't want to sound mean...r u good at s.s. i really need someone to answer my question if u could that would b really great.

social studies
In Social Studies/L.A. I have this research project. I need 100 facts on Harriet Tubman. I have like 15, but I need way more. Please help me! :( :)

social studies
ummm since people have helped u, can u look at mine and see if u can help me? :)

please answer my question

I can't remember the other kind of root, there is a fibrous root, and a root that i can't remember, does anyone know thaat root?

can u please help me

What is pi

do you put a comma after and in the sentence below?: The women asked her husband if he and his friends wanted coffe.

3rd grade science

to SraJMcGin,
that is very confusing i am glad i don't have that for homework

1st grade,Middle Sound
I think if you get a speach specialest they will probably be able to help.

i know it sounds stupid but i don't feel good and i can't think so what is 4*5?

yeah 1 is the tenth and 3 is the hundreth

can you put these in aphabetical order: batch, nick, rough, lead, dove, fling, shrug, gush, stuff, notch, jut, damp, tenth, scan, guess, cot, tough, stump, laugh, sense.

polk elementry school has three classes for each grade level, kindergarten through fifth grade. If there is an average of 27 students how many students attend polk elementry school?

religions of the world
why would you need to know that for school?

omg like that is awsome

thanx you to Reiny who helped me with my homeowrk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The line for the dunking machine was twice as long as the cake walk line. The line for the cake walk was one third the length for the hoop shot. If there were 12 people in line for the hoop shot, how many people were in line for the dunking machine?

1st grade
why are you doing a book report in 1st grade?