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Review of verb tense(present,past,future) Dianne, Sara, and Emily all (go)__________ to college together twenty years ago. They (have)___________ a wonderful time and (learn)_________ a lot. Now, the three of them (work)__________ at the same insurance company. They (eat)...

describe how you would prepare 500mL of 0.25 M NaNO3 solution?

Use mathematical induction to show that 3n + 7n − 2 is divisible by 8 for all n  1. [Hint: 7n + 1 is divisible by 2.]


a car travels east at 89 km/h for 1 then travels 26 east of north at 141 km/h for another 1 hour. a)what is the average speed for the trip? b)what is the average velocity for the trip?

Let matrix p= [6 -4] 1 0 If where a and b are real numbers, I is a identity matrix and 0 is a null matrix, find a and b.

Empirical data suggest thatthe surface area of a 180-cm-tall human body changes at the rate ofsquare meters/kilogram, where W is the weight of the body inkilograms. If the surface area of a 180-cm-tall human body weighing 70 kg is 1.886277 m ,what is the surface area of a ...

physics, dynamics
Car A starts from rest at t = 0 and travels along a straight road with a constant acceleration of 2 m/s2 until it reaches a speed of 27 m/s. Afterwards it maintains this speed. Also, when t = 0, car B located 2000 m down the road is traveling towards A at a constant speed of ...