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i am an even numbers. my hundreds place is five less than tens and my ones is even more than my hundreds. the sum of my numbers is what number i am? 12?

Related Rates Calculus
Thank you so so much!:)

Related Rates Calculus
A man 1.8 m tall is walking at a rate of 1.5 m/s away from a streetlight. It is found that the length of his shadow is increasing at a rate of 0.9 m/s. How high above the ground is the streetlight?

solve for x and AC if C is between A and B, AC = 3x + 55, CB = 2x and AB = 65. Draw figure and show algebra work. Can someone help me please I don't quiet get it?

find the angle of bangking highway curve of 90m radius designed to accomodate cars travelling at 160 kph, if the coefficient of friction between tires and the road is 0.60.


15000 feet

algebra 2
where do these two lines intersect?2x+3y=54 and 6x+9y=-54

1)4x^+16x=48 2) 3x^+72=-30x

Management 2
What is the difference between part-time employee and telecommuting?

social studies
1)What is the famous church in Finland. 2)what religions live in Finland. please give me a picture and words to these questions.

social studies 3rd grade
that didn't help me Gurublue

social studies 3rd grade
could you give me a good website that tells you about the religion of Finland.

3rd grade/math
Compare 2/3 and 3/4. Compare 3/8 and 5/6.

grade 3 spelling
what paper do you call that sounds like ten gram and it is in a shape of a square

Child Care
a or b but i think a

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