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determind the arithmetic sequence if fourth term is6 and the eleventh term is _34?

St.John Paul II- Life Orientation
Deforestation,Air pollution,Land pollution and Water pollution

Life orientation
list and discuss any factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media

V=L times b times h let me say your b is equal to 10 then your equation is V=(20cm-2x)(10cm-2x)times x than factorise


life orientation
describe the negative impact of HIV on a person well being and society in general

life orientation
identify and state the human and environmental factors causing HIV the under discussion

physical science
what reaction do you get when adding 3 tespoons of Na2S2O3 to 50 ml of boiling water

calculate the increase in length of 200m aluminum wire when its temperature changes from 15degees Celsius to 80 degrees celcius