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  1. l.o

    do you agree with the statement below ? coverage of sport ,sport personalities and recreational activities vary in media .the media tend to focus on the male dominated sport and sports personalities as well as certain sports codes and neglect others , conclude your answers by ...
  2. consumer math

    Mentros has an income of $1240 he spends on expences $744 how much can he spend on other things?
  3. 3rd grade math

    Sven is thinking of two numbers. The sum is 12. The difference is 4. What are the two numbers?
  4. physics

    a motorboat is heading across a river at 6km/h in a direction making an angle 60 degree to the current. current is moving boat downstream at 3 km/h. what is the resultant velocity?
  5. history

    what is another name for a nation
  6. math

  7. math

    What is a 72 times 50. My answer is 3,600
  8. geometry

    The coordinates of triangle ABC areA(0,0), B(2,6), and C(4,2). Using coordinates geometry; prove that, if the midpoints of sides AB and AC are joined, the segment formed is parallel to the third side and equal to one- half the length of the third side.
  9. geometry

    The coordinates of triangle ABC areA(0,0), B(2,6), and C(4,2). Using coordinates geometry; prove that, if the midpoints of sides AB and AC are joined, the segment formed is parallel to the third side and equal to one- half the length of the third side.
  10. statistics

    4(0.4)K to the power negetive 0.6 L to the power O.6,over K)all in brackets
  11. statistics-varsity level

    (3L to the power 0.5. Over L to the power 2)all in brackets to the power 2 outside brackets?
  12. geometry

    Two sides of a triangle ABC have lengths 7cm and 9cm. Which of the following could not be the length of triangle ABC's third side
  13. Chemistry

    temperature lis 41.5 degrees celcius
  14. Maths

    Any help with the following would be greatly appreciated. I don't understand how to use the information given to create the equation. 1) A car travels between A and B at an average speed of 60 km/h. If the car increased its average speed to 100 km/h it would take 10 ...
  15. Maths

    I'm really struggling with word problems right now. Got through 20 just three left. Can someone please give me some pointers or the first few steps? 1. A sum of money is divided between A, B and C in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3. However, before the money is divided C dies and it ...
  16. Maths

  17. Maths

    Two bike riders X and Y both start at 2 pm riding towards each other from 40 km apart. X rides at 30 km/h, Y at 20 km/h. If they meet after t hours, find when and where they meet.
  18. social science

    To compare one person’s test scores to the scores of all other people who took the test, psychologists must know something about the test’s? projective nature subjective nature length norms
  19. Chemistry

    I did is again: Benzoic acid: q= m*Cs*T Cs = 4.217kJ/g°C q1 + q2 = 0 [m*Cs*T] + [26.38kJ] = 0 [.876g*Cs*8.518°C]+ [26.38kJ] = 0 7.462g°C * Cs = -26.38kJ Cs= -3.535kJ/g°C to get the molar enthalpy: -3.535kJ/g°C * 114g/mol= 403.03kJ/mol* °C
  20. Chemistry

    Benzoic is 26.38 and the temp rises 8.518
  21. Chemistry

    this is so confusing =(
  22. Chemistry

    36913.6 J/g * 114g/mol= -4208150.4J/mol and to convert that to kJ= -4208150400 kJ/mol. the correct answer is -5116 kJ/mol
  23. Chemistry

    Okie I get 36913.6J/g* degree C but how do I change that into kJ/mol?
  24. Chemistry

    Okie i get Cp= 42178.8J/g delta C and for the octanol im using q= m*Cs*T q= 0.876*Cs*8.158 q= 7.1395g degreeC * Cs In your work i don't understand thisequation: [mass octanol x specific heat octanol x delta T] + [Cp x delta T] = 0
  25. Chemistry

    The combustion of benzoic acid releases 26.38kJ/g and is often used to calibrate a bomb calorimete. The combustion of 1.045g of benzoic acid caused the temperature of the calorimeter to rise by 5.985 degreeC.Using the same calorimeter, a sample of 0.876g of C8H18 was burned. ...
  26. Chemistry

    What is the mass of La2(C2O4)3*9H2O, can be obtained from 650mL of 0.0170 M aq solution of LaCl3 by adding a stoichiometric amount of sodium oxalate. I don't know how to balance the equation for this..i started: LaCl3+ Na2C2O4 -> La2(C2O4)3*9H2O + NaCl
  27. chem

    If a student needs to prepare 50g of bromobenzene and expects no more than a 75% yieldl, how much benzene should the student begin with if the yield is 75%? C6H6(l)+ Br2(l) --> C6H5Br(l)+ HBr(g) I calculated the moles of C6H5Br as .3185. But ion the end my answer is 18.7g ...
  28. us history

  29. science

    animals cause ___________________ weathering by burrowing in and moving underground soil around.
  30. CHEMISTRY!!-

    The following date were obtained for the reaction 2ClO2(aq)+2OH(aq)->ClO_3^-(aq)+ClO_2^-(aq) + H2O(l) where rate= delta[ClO_2]/ delta t [ClO_2]0 [OH^-1]0 Initial Rate (mol/L) (mol/L) (mol/L*s) .0500 .100 5.75*10^-2 .100 .100 2.30*10^-1 .100 .050 1.15*10^-1 a) Determin the ...

    Ok thanks. The problem is, I'm from Australia and we don't use those measurements. But I MIGHT be able to use other Australian measurements.

    I got 2 questions and I've been stuck on them for days and its due in 2 days. 1. For a quick way of doing multiplication, you can do: for example: 81 x 89=? First you do 1x9=9 in which case you have to add '0' in front of it to make it 09. Then you add 1 to any of ...
  33. science

    plz answer me
  34. science

    As temperature rises , solids generally become more soluble in water , but gases become less soluble .If a soft drink contains high concentrations of sugar and carbon dioxide , wich of the following may be expected to happen if it is cooled down ? 1. sugar may precipitate out...
  35. language arts

    what follows a linking or action verd After a linking verb, there'll be a predicate noun or predicate adjective: ~~She is my sister. (is=linking verb; sister=predicate noun) ~~Delilah is very tall for a fourth grader. (is=linking verb; tall=predicate adjective) After an ...