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English speech
The should allowed because in our country there are the lot of witches.if someone is witched by somebody you must get a traditional medicine(muthi) in order to heal your sicknesses.

maths littercy ,agricultural science ,life science ,tourism , life orientatiom, ndebele and english
i completed my matric last year , now i don't know which carrer should i do or follow and in which college or university

Chicago's location as a railroad hub between the east and the west

life science
Determine whether expired air contains carbon dioxide

discuss 5 factors that cause the environmental hazard

Life Orientation
Inform the public on what is going on

Calculate the radius of a circle in which a chord of length 10 cm is 12 cm from the centre

by explaining everything answering questions

Life orientation
Lact of money

Life orientation
What can trigger spectator aggression in sport

I think that they may come with a solution to heal the many diseases that they cannot be cured like HIV&AIDS,CANCER,DIABETICS,HEARTBEAT,ect.

Life Orientation
State one benefit of a high self-esteem?

Life orientation
environmental issue that can cause ill

Life Orientation

Life science, history, geography, and maths literacy
Are this subjects ok for someone who want to become a social worker

Physical science
How to draw 5 kg block on an inclined plane that isat 40 degrees to the horizontal?

solve for x
The square root of x+3=9-x

An arithmetic n geometric sequence have the same first term 2.with the 2nd term x. the sum of the 3rd term of the AS is equal to the 3rd term of the GS. Give the first 3 terms of both sequences.

in a geometric sequence the first term is 48 and the fifth term is 3-Find the first 5 terms

life orientation
it is an unfair treatment of people In a country

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