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Find the initied valocity it which stop in 25 second the retidation produce in atrain is 1.2metersqure

5th grade math

heat transfer
True or false (i) Steel is better conductor of heat than bricks. (ii) Radiations are ultrasonic waves. (iii) Black body is having emissivity 2. (iv) Natural convection do not need any external source for fluid flow. (v) Fins cause increase in rate of heat transfer

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The door of a domestic refrigerates has an area of 1.7 m2 & it basically consists of a thin metal sheet with a 25 mm thick layer of insulation on the inside. The thermal conductivity of this insulation is 0.25 W / m-deg & heat transfer on each side of the door is 10 W / m2-deg...

Compute the heat flux thoroughly a 10 cm thick brick wall (k= 0.69 W/m-deg) Which has temperature of 105° C & 10° C maintained on its two faces. How this heat flux would vary when 3cm thick layers of magnesia insulation is added on the inside & outside faces of the ...