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Bella & Ms. Sue suck Harambe's gorilla balls.

Social Studies
all yall teacher a$$ people gtfo yall are not helping we just tryna pass our test

Social Studies
@teacher we r just trying to pass okay stop trying to lecture us we have parents to do that for us so either help us or gtfo

Social Studies
its C my dude

1) D 2) B 3) D 4) B Dank answers not prank answers, fvck you ms sue


Social Studies Check my answers!
omg just help a dude out come on we all are just tryna pass a test

Vectors Math

Dang ms sue rekt y'all, I mean Shrek*

Get Wrekt m8


Algebra grade 9
Takes to long to do

A ¡§lattice point¡¨ has integer coordinates. Then, A = (m, n) is a lattice point if both m and n are integers. Let¡¦s call a point P = (x, y) ¡§generic¡¦¡¦ if all the distances from P to lattice points are ...

french reflexive verbs
im asking if these sentences are correct not a translation in english

french reflexive verbs
are these sentences in past tense correct? je me suis lavée (f) je me suis lavé les cheveux je ne me suis lavée je ne me suis pas lavée les(de?) cheveux since in negative i always use de?