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  1. physical education

    thank you for your help miss
  2. physical education

    is it correct some one please help me thanks
  3. physical education

    what is a small definition of log roll answer:clutched on the ground with both ands at your side and roll
  4. math

    you can add 20,26,11,2,28,18,2,27 and divide by number of numbers
  5. Math

  6. Math

    thats what i said to
  7. math

    how to find monthly salary
  8. Math

    In a group of 40 students, all students study maths, 28 study biology and math, 20 students study geography and maths and x students study all three subjects. a. Draw a venn diagram to represent the information above, showing in terms of x, the number of students in each ...
  9. Math

    In a class of 50 students, 3x play cricket, 30 play football, 9 play both cricket and football and x plays neither a. Draw a carefully labeled venn diagram to represent the information above b. Determine the number of students who play cricket.