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facts and figures about books? Sheromeya, we need to know specifically what you need to know. Facts and figures about books is too general. What kind of books? What kind of facts? Please repost and we will be happy to help. what is this book about

i need to invent a terrible disease myself that has been detected in another part of the world .. the people are unhappy because the government are not helping them to treat the disease..please help me find a terrible disease but it has to be invented..!!hellpp With so many ...

hi, i have tried to find this answer on lots of webpages but couldn't find it. where did the spanish aramada take place?? Sheromeya, You were probably spelling Armada incorrectly. This site gives the history and fate of the Armada. I think you will find it interesting. ...

maths ...(HELP)
i really do not get this question bacuse i don't get what it means.. please help me ! : "which amounts up to £1 cannot be paid exactly with fewer than 6 coins?" please help... thankyou I'm not familiar with the denominations of this currency, but if the...

jobs 4 teens
im a 13 year old girl and i just want to ask if i coul be able to get a job at my age ? i live in the uk and i want to gt some money but i don't know if i will be able to. I babysit. My mom made be take a babysitting class and CPR. Parents like that I took training so I ...

helloo, i want to ask if you have any answers or any websites to do with the advantages of of electronic displays rather than a paper display? why is it better?? please help meeeeeeeee! thnkyou One thing that comes to mind quickly: Electronic displays can change font size ...

this is a question i don't understand..please help! "JAMES GETS £5 POCKET MONEY A WEEK. HE SAVES £1.50. HOW MUCH DOES HE SAVE OVER 6 WEEKS? IS IT £9? y = 1.5x, so ya 9 seems to work. thanks for the help Yes, 1.50 x 6 = 9

hello... i would like to ask what problem of king henry VII WOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT AND WHY? TO GET A SON? TO BE MORE POWERFUL? Scroll down to the section called Law Enforcement and Justices of Peace. Henry already had two ...

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