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A drum is 2/3 filled with oil.15 litres of oil is removed from the drum. The drum is now 3/5 full, find the capacity of the drum in litres.

1/4+1/3 _3+4_=7/12 12

A tank was 3/5 filled with water. After removing 120 litres of water from the tank it was 1/5 filled. a)Find the amount of water the tank can hold when completely filed. b)If one litre of water has a mass of 1 kg, find the mass of water in the tank when filled.

What method would you use to find the number of moles and mass in grams for each situation listed: a. 750 cm3 O2 at 27°C and 99.0 kPa b. 300 cm3 CO2 at -10.0°C and 103kPa

how do i go about making a shoebox sized model of a desert?