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At what temperature does the rms speed of O2 molecules equal 475 m/s?

Physics Help ASAP
so which one is it? all of them are on both

Physics Help ASAP
Can you give me the equation instead i'm still confused?

Physics Help ASAP
A car horn is pitched at 520 Hz. The car travels along a straight road at a speed of 25 m/s. towards an observer walking at 2 m/. The speed of sound is 334 m/s. Calculate the frequency heard by the observer when: (a) the car is moving towards the observer

What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man

prefix - sub root - scrib suffix - e

yeah you just do it

One sample of n=20 scores has a mean of M=50. A second sample of n=5 scores has a mean of Mean=10. If the two samples are combined, what is the mean

could you please hold the door open for me?

College Physics
Vector Algebra let A vector=6ihat+3jhat, B vector= -3ihat-6jhat D vector=A vector-B vector what is D vector? Thank You!

r vector=(340m, 39 degrees below positive x-axis) What is rx and ry? I have no idea how to do or approach this problem, anyone please help and explain how to do this? Thank you!

Poetry part 2 01-26-12 1. B Correct 2. B Correct 3. B Correct 4. B Correct 5. D Correct 6. C Correct 7. A Correct 8. D Correct 9. C Correct 10. C Correct 11. D Correct 12. C Correct 13. A Correct 14. C Correct 15. C Correct 16. A Correct 17. C Correct 18. D Correct 19. A ...

could you please hold the door open for me?