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pfd company has dept with a yield to maturity of 7.5% a cost of equity of 13.5% and a cost of prefered stock of 9.5% the market value of its dept prefered stock and equity are $10.5 million, $3.5million, and $24.5 million respectively nd its tax rate is 40%

company has dept outstanding with a coupon rate of 6.0% and a yield to maturity of 7.9%. Its tax rate is 38% assume the dept has annual coupon. What is the company after tax cost of dept?

Math radical form
Find the distance of the line segment whose endpoints are (5,7) and (-2,3) in simplest radical form. sqrt [(7-3)^2 + (5 -(-2))^2] = sqrt [16 + 49] = sqrt 65 That is the simplest form I can think of. sqrt means "square root of"